#KilosdeSolidaridad in A Coruña: “The 2008 crisis is 20% of what we are experiencing now” | Radio Coruña | Today for Today A Coruña


The SER string launches the kilos solidarity campaign in collaboration with Carrefour Solidarity Foundation and Red Cross collecting kilos of food from today until June 28. The Radio Coruña Group has joined the initiative with several live programs, such as the one broadcast today from Carrefour Alfonso Molina.

The mayor of A Coruña, Inés Rey, points out that the health crisis has brought an economic crisis that has forced the municipal management to adapt with an increase in the social emergency with very different profiles as a consequence of ERTES and uncertainty. It has provided about 18,000 assistance at this stage with an expenditure of one and a half million euros that will be reinforced with the Economic and Social Reactivation Plan (Presco) and 2.4 million euros more for social emergency. He stressed the help of the associations to bring aid to those who need it most.

A Coruña is the second city in Galicia with the most people with social assistance needs. The mayor points out that this situation is addressed with the strength of social services and highlights the volunteer network. 530 people signed up in 24 hours to volunteer service, responding to 1,100 requests for help of all kinds.

As for the dining room scholarships for the delivery of food at home, to date 46,405 menus have been distributed. In addition, the City Council also launched the support telephone line for the elderly alone. Remember that a shelter was set up in Riazor for the homeless. It was not only to confine them but also to make them visible, at the same time that they protected themselves to try to reintegrate them. There were eight job incorporations with stability. Others returned home or found a housing solution.

Inés Rey affirms that a good part of the 120 homeless people who were welcomed in the municipal shelter have managed to found a new life.

The 2008 crisis was 20 percent of what we are experiencing today

“The two crises are different, 20% of what we are suffering today, so of course, at that time there was some way out but this now was catastrophic, not only in food but in lives”. They say it from the Economic Kitchen of A Coruña and the Padre Rubinos Foundation that in these times of Covid 19 have seen the requests for aid multiply. They have also participated in the program of this house on the occasion of the #KilosdeSolidaridad project.

There are days when the economic kitchen distributes up to five thousand servings of food, on Tuesdays and Fridays, when deliveries are made in Sagrada Familia, Birloque and Castrillón. Father Rubinos has had 850 days of services compared to the usual 500.

Profile change

They reiterate that the user profile has changed, especially in the economic kitchen. With people with a Seemingly removed from carelessness or scarcity that they go to look for food because they have no money to eat. And others who rent sofas, warm beds, to live in shared flats.

They point out that if these institutions did not exist, entities such as supermarket companies and other NGOs coordinated by social services would have even had robberies. “If you have a queue of 500 people and you only have 300 sandwiches, you have to look for the beans anyway, and if it is not through food banks or different entities and individuals, neither Padre Rubinos nor Cocina Económica could face what it has happened “, highlighted the spokesman for the Economic Kitchen.

They consider that it is necessary to wait to know the global scope of the social and economic consequences of this crisis because the economy is going to work again but at idle speed.

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