10 most powerful alternative universe Green Lanterns, rank


The Green Lantern Ring was built by immortal scientists, the Guardians of the Universe, and is considered the most powerful weapon in the universe. Through these weapons, a tiny handful of the bravest beings are in existence against the chaos of existence, trying to keep some kind of peace for all.

But what about other universes? The DC multiverse has dozens of universes, all working at different frequencies, often with their own green lanterns. How do you pile up? To answer that question, we reduced them all to ten of the strongest green lanterns from alternative universes and ranked them.

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"On the brightest days or in the darkest night, watermelon, Canteloupe, Yadda Yadda, a superstitious and cowardly bunch … with freedom and justice for all!" The best thing you can expect when the dashing Captain Duck Dodge is confused with the cleaning staff.

Nevertheless, Daffy Duck is the "Green Loontern" for an episode and he is … surprisingly not that bad. He helps the Green Lantern Corps defeat one of Sinestro's plans before returning the ring and costume to Hal Jordan. Although he was able to save the store from burning down, he does not deserve to be on top of that list.

9 Hal Jordan

Green Lantern Earth Half a Jordan Ring Header

This version of Hal Jordan is not a fighter pilot, but an astronaut miner who happens to encounter a Manhunter and the deceased body of former Green Lantern Abin Sur.

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After a few shenanigans Hal pulls the ring around and almost defeats the not-so-late Manhunter. Together with his compatriot Green Lantern Kilowog, he learns to control the forces of the ring and even helps to end the threat to the universe by the Manhunter along with the other members of the corps. But while Hal has a great success in this world, the character with his ring is far too inexperienced to be a big threat to anyone on this list.


The tangent universe is said to be a world in which heroes developed the same name with almost completely different powers. That's what happened to her Green Lantern, a character that almost reminds Alan Scott of her mystical lantern, but not quite.

This version of the character, a young woman with a Chinese lantern, is less about creating decent constructs than about being in touch with the other side of life. It can resurrect the dead, become immaterial, and switch between dimensions with their powers. This makes them a useful ally in certain mystical situations, but not a powerhouse.


Kai-ro was a member of the League of the Righteous of the Future during the Batman beyond Timeline. The character is a little boy who grew up in a Buddhist temple. While Green Lanterns are often known for their courage, Kai-ro is best known for keeping his temper regardless of circumstances.

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The character proves to be a big win for the Justice League of the 2040s and 2050s, but at the same time, being more of a background character, he can never show much of his abilities. He is also unlikely to be tested as often as the others on this list, as most of his adventures are team based and lack the same experience as the Heavy Hitters.


Green Lantern Alan Scott

During the New 52, ​​DC introduced another version of Earth-2, perhaps the best known alternative Earth. In this world, the identity of the Green Lantern goes to Alan Scott, a media mogul who survived a train accident because the planet made him the avatar of the Greens.

With these forces, he does not look like a swamp, but resembles his old self and stands as a guardian of the planet against the forces of Solomon Grundy, the chosen avatar of death and decay. Although he does not fare well against Grundy, he is still able to lead his people to a duplicated Earth after being destroyed in a fight against Darkseid, and it is his power that makes the world habitable, which pretty much does him placed high on the charts in power.


Magic Lantern is what happens when you write comics for so long that you can refer to your own dark work of twenty years ago. Originally, Magic Lantern was introduced by Grant Morrison and Chaz Truog during his "Animal Man" run as a member of the Love Syndicate.

When he got the opportunity to map the multiverse, Grant made the character and his team part of Earth-47, the grooviest planet in the Orrery of Worlds. We did not do much with his powers, but during his recent appearance in "The Green Lantern" he was able to negotiate an alien race before the attack on Earth, so he should not be underestimated.


Imagine only green lanterns-Dave Gibbons

The "Just Imagine" version of the DC Universe was created after the company allowed Stan Lee to use the same names as the existing characters, but to do with them whatever they wanted.

In the case of the Green Lantern, he took the "green" literally and found Len Lewis, a young man who was equipped with powers of the World Tree of Yggdrasil. Len's powers are no joke as he controls both the earth and the air, with all elements of the planet probably being available to him. He also has superpower and a degree of invulnerability, which brings him closer to Superman's camp than most of his colleagues on this list.

3 Dawnbreaker (Earth -32)

Dawnbreaker header

The Green Lantern of Earth -32, Bruce Wayne, was awarded the Green Lantern Ring shortly after the death of his parents. With this power, he wanted nothing more than to kill the murderer of his parents, and when the ring did not allow that, he overwrote his power with nothing but his own willpower and did it anyway. And that's basically the story of this version of Green Lantern.

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The willpower of Bruce corrupts the ring so that he can do anything he wants. He kills the gallery of his usual villains and deletes the G.C.P.D. because they complained and eventually killed the entire Green Lantern Corps and the guards when they try to stop him. It sounds like the worst kind of fanfiction, but the skills of Dawnbreaker are not questioned.


In Darkest Knight

During the Elseworld comic "Batman: In Darkest Knight," we can see what Bruce would have been like had he been selected instead of Hal Jordan. After a terrible first attempt to fight crime, Bruce gets the Power Ring from Abin Sur and becomes a version of Batman with the Green Lantern Ring.

With this power, Bruce is forced to take action against both Gotham and Sector 2814 against his mortal enemy Sinestro. It's safe to say that if you take over the powers of Green Lantern and pass them on to someone with Bruce's intelligence and experience in combat, he's certainly one of the most dangerous Green Lanterns ever.


Kingdom comes green lantern

The Kingdom Come version of the Justice League picks up on several of the heroes from the planet's past and raises their abilities to an absurd level. Flash is so fast that he is constantly patrolling the smallest problem in his city. Superman is so strong that he is immune to Kryptonite. And Alan Scott, the green lantern of this era? He has basically merged with his lantern and absorbed all his arcane energies. The result? An armored version of the aging hero who builds an entire space station called New Oa to guard the earth and protect it from aliens.

Although each construct was a function of the will, it managed to sustain this ten years, This version of Green Lantern is closer to Parallax or Ion than the others and makes it the most powerful of them all.

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