Zhongtai News – Update: China accused of mock attack, top Taiwan official found dead

Missile fired from Chinese coast amid Taiwan tensions

A senior Taiwanese defense ministry official was found dead on Saturday as the self-governing territory accused China of conducting a “mock attack” on its warships and aircraft operating in the Taiwan Strait.

Ouyang Lixing, Taiwan’s deputy minister of defense research and development, died Saturday in a hotel room of a heart attack, state media reported.

The official Central News Agency said there were no signs of “intrusion” in the room and his family had a history of heart disease.

Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry tweeted Saturday that multiple Chinese ships were operating in the Taiwan Strait, some of which crossed the median line, the unofficial buffer zone separating the two sides, seen as a “possible mock attack.” “.

The development comes as Beijing continues to fire multiple ballistic missiles in the direction of Taiwan, four of which flew directly over the capital Taipei.

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken has slammed China’s military exercises, saying there is no justification for Beijing’s “extremely disproportionate and escalating” response.

Pelosi’s statement came as Pelosi reiterated U.S. support for Taiwan, saying China cannot isolate Taiwan by preventing U.S. officials from traveling there.


Taiwan sends patrol around island, accuses China of ‘simulated attack’

According to reports, Taiwan’s armed forces have issued an alert and dispatched sea, land and air patrols to patrol the island.

According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, the island has activated a land-based missile system to deal with the situation.

The ministry said on Twitter that the island’s armed forces were monitoring the surrounding waters in response to recent military exercises.


Taiwanese defense official found dead from heart attack, report says

Ouyang Lixing, deputy head of Taiwan’s defense ministry’s research and development department, who was found dead in his hotel room on Saturday morning, died of a heart attack, the government-controlled Central News Agency reported.

The 57-year-old, who oversaw a missile production program earlier this year, died of a heart attack and showed no signs of an “intrusion” in his hotel room, the CNA report said.

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He has a heart stent and his family reportedly has a history of heart disease.


Taiwan says Chinese warships and planes conducted mock attack

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said multiple Chinese warships and aircraft were operating in the Taiwan Strait in what appeared to be an exercise in attacking Taiwan.

According to officials, some ships and planes crossed the center line — an unofficial buffer zone that separates the two sides.

Taiwan’s military said the moves were part of a mock attack on the island’s main island.

“Multiple PLA spacecraft found near the Taiwan Strait, some have crossed the center line. Possible simulated attack on HVA,” Taiwan’s Defense Ministry tweeted on Saturday.


Trump says Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan gave China ‘excuse’

Speaking at a rally in Wisconsin, former U.S. President Donald Trump slammed Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan.

“What is she doing in Taiwan? She is China’s dream,” Trump said.

“She gave them an excuse. They’ve been looking for that excuse,” he said of Ms. Pelosi’s visit to the self-governing territories.

The former U.S. president’s remarks came as several Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, issued a statement on Ms. Pelosi’s visit, saying they supported it.


Taiwan Defense Ministry official responsible for leading missile production found dead, report says

Taiwan’s deputy defense minister, Ouyang Lixing, was found dead in his hotel room Saturday morning, according to the government-controlled Central News Agency.

Authorities are investigating the cause of death, CNA reported.

Mr Ouyang, who took over at the beginning of this year to oversee missile production projects at the National Sun Yat-Sen Institute of Science and Technology, was found dead in a hotel room in southern Taiwan.

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Amid growing tensions with China, the military-owned agency has been working to more than double its annual production of missiles, to nearly 500 this year, to bolster the island territory’s combat effectiveness.


North Korea calls Pelosi ‘worst destroyer of international peace’

North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Cho Rongsan slammed U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her visit to Taiwan, calling her “the most serious destroyer of international peace and stability” and accusing her of inciting anti-DPRK sentiment.

“U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was criticized by China for her visit to Taiwan undermining regional peace and stability, and during her visit to North Korea, she went to South Korea to instigate an atmosphere of confrontation with North Korea,” Joe said in a statement issued by state media.

“It would be a fatal mistake if she thought she could get away with impunity on the Korean peninsula. Wherever she goes, the United States will have to pay dearly for all the sources of trouble she causes,” he warned.


Canada urges China to ‘stop its coercive military and economic actions’

Canada has notified China to stop firing missiles at Taiwan following a controversial visit by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the self-governing territory.

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly tweeted Saturday: “Canada expresses deep concern about the People’s Republic of China launching missiles into Taiwan and into Japan’s exclusive economic zone, adding that China’s military action “threatens regional stability and Safety”.

“We strongly urge China to stop its coercive military and economic actions,” she said.


Chinese military spokesman accuses US of ‘foreign aggression’

Chinese military spokeswoman Hua Chunying accused the United States of participating in “foreign aggression.”

“China has always been a victim of foreign aggression. Today, the US continues to grossly interfere in China’s internal affairs from time to time in an attempt to undermine China’s sovereignty and security,” she tweeted. “If the US is indeed a responsible country, it should stop #Pelosi’s irresponsible aggression as early as possible and it should remove the many warships and aircraft it has deployed on the doorstep of China.”

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She said the United States was using the “sausage tactic” – which European analysts have accused of Chinese lobbying in the past – to “hollow out the one-China principle”.


Taiwan’s foreign minister says China crossed center line in ‘simulated attack’

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Wu Zhaoxie said on Twitter that many Chinese planes and ships “crossed the middle line of the strait” on Friday to “simulate an attack.”

“This dangerous escalation of military threats is undermining peace and stability in the region and must be condemned,” he wrote in the Foreign Office’s account.


Taiwan’s Defense Ministry says China’s exercises “violate our sovereignty”

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense tweeted on Friday that “the recent coercion of exercises by the People’s Republic of China around us is aimed at changing the status quo in the Taiwan Strait, violating our sovereignty, and creating tensions in the Indo-Pacific. #ROCArmedForces does not seek escalate, but we do not succumb to any challenge and respond rationally.”

Earlier on Friday, the ministry announced that the Chinese military “has dispatched 68 aircraft and 13 ships to conduct activities around the Taiwan Strait by 17:00 (UTC+8), some of which have crossed the median line and endangered the status quo of the strait. “.

The Defense Ministry said Taiwan’s armed forces responded “based on surveillance systems, CAP aircraft, naval ships and missile systems.”

“We condemn this disruption of the airspace and waters around us and continue to ensure that our democracy and freedoms are not threatened,” the ministry added.

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