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August 5th,Mango TV HomemadeofInspirational growth music competition variety show “Ride the wind and waves” Ushering in the last windy night, 17 sisters entered the finals and competed for the final victory seat. In the finals, Zhong Xintong (A Jiao) and Cai Zhuoyan (A Sa) and their sisters Wang Xinling, Wu Jinyan, Zhang Tianai, and Tang Shiyi jointly brought the stage of “A Little Interesting” and “The Queen of the Next Stop”. And with Ah Sa on the stage of “The Next Stop Diva”, the classic antler shape of the “Everyone Bounces” concert is recreated, and the memories are full. In the end, Gillian successfully won the victory seat, and once again joined hands with Ah Sa to form a group.

Gillian’s Double Stage Exhibition Double Color Twins “The Next Stop Diva” reproduces the classic antler shape

On the windy night of “Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves”, Gillian and her sisters in the same group brought two completely different stages to the audience. Singing and dancing on the stage “It’s A Little Interesting” Gillian appeared in a black and cool look. With the rhythmic music, the energetic dance moves of the sisters were very handsome, which successfully ignited the atmosphere of the audience and pushed the scene to another climax. .

Zhong Xintong's

And at the beginning of the stage of “The Queen of the Next Stop”, the original sound video of “The Queen of the Next Stop” in the Twins “Everyone Bounces” concert was played on the big screen. The classic antlers of the concert were full of memories as soon as they opened their mouths. Netizens collectively fell into memory killing, and they all said that they seemed to have returned to the concert scene of Twins, which was simply “Ye Qing Hui”. The big screen reviewed the wonderful stages of the sisters in the show in turn, and the audience seemed to recall such an unforgettable summer with the singing. In the chorus part, the audience sang along with the sisters, and the atmosphere was instantly filled!

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Zhong Xintong's

Huo Wenxi was present to cheer for Twins, Gillian formed a group to speak, this summer is worth it

At the “Riding the Wind and Waves” Ride the Wind Night, the CEO of Emperor (Beijing) Cultural Development Co., Ltd., the CEO of Hong Kong Emperor Entertainment Group, the gold broker and producer Huo Wenxi also attended as a group of relatives and friends to cheer for Twins. After Twins performed “The Queen of the Next Stop”, Huo Wenxi blew a kiss to Twins in the audience, expressing her support and encouragement to Twins, and Gillian Sa on the stage also responded with a blowing kiss. In the 21 years since the Twins formed a group, Huo Wenxi has been by their side and witnessed every important moment of the Twins. The relationship between the three sisters is enviable.

Zhong Xintong's

In the part where the sisters confessed to each other, Gillian A Sa agreed, “We are teammates for life, and we will do cartwheels together at the age of 60.” His sincere speech moved the audience present. In the end, Gillian successfully won the victory seat of this season’s “Riding the Wind and Waves”, and once again formed a group with Ah Sa. In her speech, Gillian said, “I never imagined that I could form two groups in my life. This summer, with Ah Sa and you, it is worth it.” After the show, Gillian also shared her participation in “Riding the Wind and Waves” on Weibo. “Come (“Riding the Wind and Waves”) to lose weight and adjust my mentality, I am very happy to see my changes after a few months, and thank my sisters for giving me enough energy, thank you Ah Sa who decided to come to “Riding the Wind and Waves” and encouragement I’ll come together”, although once again in a group, “Twins are still Twins, we will always be us”. In the long article, Gillian also confessed to fans that “I have received all your love”, and fans left messages in the comments “I wish Gillian a happy graduation”.

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Zhong Xintong's

Gillian’s journey in “Riding the Wind and Waves” has come to a successful conclusion. Four months have witnessed Gillian constantly challenging herself and becoming a better version of herself. The successful formation of a group from “Riding the Wind and Waves” also means that Gillian has once again embarked on a new journey. I hope that Gillian can get better and better, so that more people can feel the positive energy from Gillian!


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