Zhirinovsky predicted Russia “Belarusian scenario”: “We are walking by leaps and bounds”


Liberal Democratic Party leader cannot forgive the arrest of Sergei Furgal

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, after the regional elections in Russia, criticized the current political system in his Telegram. He noted that there are fresh examples before our eyes – protests in Khabarovsk, and then in Belarus, but the Russian authorities are doing nothing to avoid a repetition of the same, but on a Russian scale.

“We are advancing by leaps and bounds towards the Belarusian scenario,” stressed Zhirinovsky. He noted that for 20 years the pro-government party has been winning elections everywhere, and even with devastating results.

“Do people go out with smiles the next day after such elections? Not. Many are sick! ” – added Zhirinovsky.

Let’s remind that earlier in a number of regions elections of governors and legislative assemblies were held. The Liberal Democratic Party has its own winner in the elections – this is the current head of the Smolensk region, Alexei Ostrovsky, who gained 56.6%. Incidentally, this is the “lowest” percentage among the re-elected heads of regions.

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