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Across thousands of mountains and rivers, the love from all over the world meets here. In this autumn season, Zhang Bichen’s 2023[Tail Number 920]Concert Guangzhou Station, exclusively sponsored by Huishan Milk Powder, came to a successful conclusion.

Just as “Tail Number 920” conveys the concept of “condensing moments of healing from the fast-paced and complicated life”, as the exclusive sponsor of this concert, Huishan Milk Powder hopes to accompany the fans together with brand spokesperson Zhang Bichen Let’s enjoy the healing power of music together, convey brand care, release brand warmth, and build an emotional link with consumers.


Because it is rare, it is precious. Huishan milk powder makes a heart-warming appointment together in the name of love.

As a new generation of powerful singer, Zhang Bichen’s voice and singing style are very contagious. Many of her music works are highly popular and are loved by contemporary young people. As early as the announcement of the concert, it aroused the interest of many netizens. attention, and the rapid sell-out of tickets after they went online confirmed the fans’ love for Zhang Bichen.


At the concert, Zhang Bichen sang many classic songs such as “Toward Midnight in the Morning” and “Direction of the Light” with her highly recognizable voice, as well as the ending theme song “Cage” of this year’s popular movie “The Vanishing Her”, It opened a shocking audio-visual feast for the fans at the scene.


And when Zhang Bichen sang the Huishan milk powder theme song “Cherish Juanshan”, the atmosphere at the scene reached a climax, “100% natural, 100% peace of mind, growing up, cherishing the same, the harbor of love, accompanied by Huishan.” As the lyrics say, this is a warm confession song from parents to their children, and it is also a declaration of Huishan milk powder’s love for Chinese babies.

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Because it is rare, it is precious. Huishan milk powder, positioned as the “leader of rare milk powder”, has been continuously exploring the nutrition of rare milk for many years. With “the first domestic infant formula milk powder using rare Juanshan milk” Huishan Marui, the main product is “hydrolyzed milk powder”. Huishan Qichen, which uses small protein molecules for better nutrition absorption, and Huishan Xingen, which is the “A2 milk powder for Chinese babies”, are committed to providing rare nutritional care to more Chinese babies.


Work together online and offline to release brand potential and achieve emotional resonance

The key to establishing an emotional link between a brand and its users is to get close to them, deeply understand their needs and emotions, and create a more meaningful and attractive interactive experience. In addition to being the exclusive sponsor of this concert, Huishan Milk Powder also created an online and offline integrated interactive experience, which not only shortened the distance with users, but also demonstrated the brand’s warmth.


Online, Huishan Milk Powder invited many Douyin masters to attend concerts, giving full play to the advantages of content and scenes, setting off a nationwide craze for sharing concerts. Weibo topic #Huishan Milk Powder Exclusively Titled Zhang Bichen’s No. 920 Concert Guangzhou Station# was read more than 2.33 million times in 24 hours. It not only increased the brand’s exposure in terms of content and scenes, but also introduced a large amount of effective traffic to offline channels, truly realizing Product and effect combined.


Offline, Huishan Milk Powder not only continued to promote the concert three-dimensionally through pre-opening brand TVCs and on-site signboards, but also continued to dominate 6 landmark LED screens in Guangzhou, 20 mainstream cinema LED screens, and 55 subway TV LED screens. Screened for 7 days to provide all-round support for the concert, igniting super popularity. It maximizes user coverage and accurate traffic, which not only deepens the emotional connection between the brand and users, but also improves the brand’s market reputation and perception.

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Let’s go hand in hand to open a new era of high-end domestic milk powder

As a national dairy company, Yuexiu Huishan has inherited its craftsmanship for 72 years and always adheres to the original intention of “quality as high as a mountain”. The cooperation between Huishan milk powder and Zhang Bichen is a two-way empowerment of a powerful brand and a powerful artist. Zhang Bichen, who has both strength and focus on high-quality products, is highly consistent with Huishan milk powder, which is known for its high-end quality, in its pursuit of high quality and the brand concept of “because it is rare, it is precious”.


Huishan Milk Powder takes the popular concerts as its focus, and through integrated online and offline communication, hopes to allow users to see a new look of a classic brand – an image of a socially responsible and warm companion.

In the future, Huishan milk powder will continue to be consumer-centric and strive to create more high-quality products to help Chinese babies grow better. At the same time, we will innovate more marketing models to accumulate brand momentum for the national market, create a new benchmark for the domestic Juanshan milk powder industry, and inject fresh impetus into the new era of domestic milk powder.

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