Zen5 is overthrown and AMD is actively preparing for 3nm and 2nm processes in Zen6 design

AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 7000 processor has been upgraded with the 5nm Zen4 architecture. The next work is all about marketing. The development team will turn to the future Zen5 and Zen6 architectures. AMD CEO Su Zifeng is also working on future products. Be prepared, and will discuss the 3nm and 2nm production capacity issues with TSMC soon.

According to reports, AMD CEO Su Zifeng and several senior executives will visit partners from the end of September to early November. They will mainly meet with chip manufacturing, packaging and PC manufacturers. One of the key targets is TSMC. Su Zifeng will meet with TSMC. Co-CEO Wei Zhejia discussed.

There is no information to announce the specific details of the cooperation, but Digitimes broke the news,The two parties are mainly discussing future process cooperation, including N3P and N2, that is, TSMC’s 3nm and 2nm processes.

TSMC’s 2nm process will not be mass-produced until 2025, and it must be a manufacturer like Apple that will launch it first. It is estimated that AMD will be able to use 2nm until 2026 or even later, but the development cycle of large CPUs is usually more than 3 years. AMD is now discussing 2nm Craft is not early at all.

According to AMD’s roadmap, the Zen5 architecture after Zen4 is already being designed and will be launched in 2024.There are three architecture variants, Zen5, Zen5 V-Cache, and Zen5c. The 4nm process is used in the initial stage, and the 3nm process will be upgraded later.

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In addition, AMD also mentioned that the Zen5 architecture will be built from the ground up to continue to expand the performance and energy efficiency leadership for a wider range of workloads, which means that this generation of architecture will be overturned, with higher IPC performance improvements compared to Zen4.

As for the 2nm process node, AMD should be Zen6 architecture by then, and there is no Zen6 shadow in AMD’s official roadmapshould be currently in design (Zen5 architecture should be finalized), and the launch time will not be until 2026.

Zen5 is overturned, and AMD is actively preparing for 3nm and 2nm processes in Zen6 design

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