Zed! all the shows, concerts and appointments in February Events in Padua

Zed! presents all the unmissable February appointments in the Venues of the Veneto!

Geox Grand Theater – Padua:

  • February 4 and 5 – Grease
  • February 10 – Federico Buffa in “Rivadeandrè – Fragile Friends”
  • February 18 – Queen at the opera
  • February 24 – Casanova pop opera by Red Canzian
  • February 25 – Alessandro Siani in “Extra Libertà Live Tour”

Kioene arena – Padova:

  • February 18th and 19th – Me Against You

Zoppas arena – Conegliano (TV):

  • 16 February – Enrico Brignano in “But…let’s talk to you!”

January is coming to an end and it is therefore time to find out what the programming by Zed! for the month of February in Veneto. In January the engines warmed up for a 2023 to say the least spectacular and in February it accelerates with a broad offer that will be distributed between the Gran Teatro Geox and the Kioene Arena in Padua and the Zoppas Arena in Conegliano (TV).

As always, there’s a little bit for everyone: come on musical most loved at the big theatre, from the most acclaimed comedians to “Queen at the opera”, the greatest rock/symphonic show ever, up to a double date of Me Against You, the internet stars most loved by Italian children.

Gran Teatro Geox, beginning at 21 (February 4) | start at 17.30 (February 5)

Let’s start Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 February with a double date of a musical that made history: “Grease“. In Italy, the musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, produced by Compagnia della Rancia and directed by Saverio Marconi, has had more than 1,800 performances in 25 years with almost 2 million spectators at the theatre. “Grease”, with its electrifying soundtrack from “Summer Nights” to “You’re the One That I Want” and the irresistible choreographies, full of rhythm and energy, made entire generations fall in love (and dance), and was capable of becoming a pop phenomenon, with characters who have become true generational icons.A great party to share with friends and family!

Gran Teatro Geox, starting at 21.15

Friday 10 February then it’s time to Federico Buffa, an exceptional narrator who brings the exciting story of the meeting between Gigi Riva and Fabrizio De Andrè to the stage. It was September 14, 1969, after a match in Genoa against a Cagliari side that would have won their only historic Scudetto that year. Gigi Riva goes to see Fabrizio de André at his home in Genoa. It seems like an encounter between two very distant worlds and instead then the thoughts of two strays flow by who, in different fields and in different ways, have always chosen to be on the side of the other strays. Between words and music, it is morning, Fabrizio gives Gigi his guitar, Gigi gives Fabrizio his number 11 shirt. The two say goodbye, they will never see each other again. Perhaps, precisely for this reason, an encounter becomes theatre. A show, which sees the greatest Italian sports storyteller on stage accompanied by the notes of Marco Caronna (guitars, voices) together with Alessandro Nidi (piano, keyboards).

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Zoppas Arena, start at 21.15

Space then to the irresistible comedy of Henry Brignanothat Thursday 16 February will be on stage Lame Arena of Conegliano (TV).

The comedian, one of the most loved by Italians, will bring on stage his new hilarious show “But … let’s talk about you!”, which he himself explains as follows:
«Assigning yourself to yourself is now the practice, while the “you” seems something archaic and formal. For example, when they call you from the call center to discuss, like, the telephone tariff, or to propose investing Pora Nonna’s inheritance in cryptocurrencies, they use the lei, probably to make it more difficult for you to send them to hell. The “You” is bureaucratic, it is used with the police or at the municipality, but the “you” that is replacing it is empty, it doesn’t bring with it that true confidence, that familiarity that I mean. […] However, when I talk to people, I want to be familiar with them, I want to gain some confidence to tell the dangers of the world in an intimate way, from technology, useful but treacherous, to the various economic, ecological and health crises. I also have a couple of remarks to make about love and sex, about personal and social relationships, about certain oddities these days… yes, I have a lot to talk about.’ And sometimes even to complain. “But don’t you Brignano know that complaining is typical of elderly people?”; “Of course I know. But she, dude… give me your name!».

Gran Teatro Geox, starting at 9pm

Saturday 18 February instead the greatest symphonic rock show ever created arrives in Padua: “Queen at the Opera”. Based on the music of Queen and Freddie Mercury, it debuted with an international tour in 2015 collecting standing ovations and sold out continuously and overwhelmingly in recent years. Over 40 artists on stage for a show where the audience is an integral part of a unique experience. Extensive lyrical registers of the soprano voices mix with the biting rock, acrobatic arpeggios of the electric guitar merge with the delicate sweetness of the strings, while the singers’ voices are composed in an extraordinary concert, without a flaw. Lights, visual effects and live orchestra complete this show which boasts loyal followings. Timeless classics like “We Are The Champions”, “Barcelona”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Will Rock You”, “The Show Must Go On”, “Radio Ga Ga”, “A Kind Of Magic”, “Under Pressure”, “Another One Bites The Dust”, remain the mainstay, reliving each time in their overwhelming splendor. All of this is enhanced by a suggestive visual show, which makes the atmosphere of the show even more exciting and engaging.

Kioene Arena, start at 20.30 (February 18) | start at 16 (February 19)

All time Saturday 18 Februarywith reply Sunday 19 Februarystill in Padua (but at the Kioene Arena), the show of the I control you, the internet stars most loved by the little ones. Me Against You are Luì and Sofì, whose career began with videos on their Youtube channel, where they mainly share the moments of their lives and which today has over 6 million subscribers. In February 2020 they released the first studio album “Il Fantadisco dei Me contro Te”, certified Platinum. In 2021 they are the protagonists of the film “Me against You – The Film: the Mystery of the Enchanted School”, winner of the Golden Ticket and the David di Donatello for the Spectator. Their latest movie “Me Against You – Jungle Mission”, released on January 19, is currently number one at the box office, surpassing the blockbuster “Avatar 2”. And now they are back on stage to the delight of the Italian children.

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Gran Teatro Geox, starting at 21.15

Saturday 25 February then it will be the turn of “Casanova Opera Pop”the extraordinary musical-theatrical blockbuster conceived, composed and produced by Red Canzian. Based on Matteo Strukul’s best-seller “Giacomo Casanova – the sonata of broken hearts”, “Casanova Opera Pop” is a majestic show, which records one sold-out after another. The show tells Giacomo Casanova in an age of around 35, returning from exile and staunch defender of Venice from the power games that would like to sell it to foreigners. In the two-hour show in two acts, with 21 extraordinary performers on stage – 11 singers, actors and 10 acrobatic dancers – we witness over 30 scene changes that Red has personally made, through an immersive scenic setting, made up of photographs taken in deserted Venice during the pandemic and treated on the computer in order to return settings of the city and its places of a surprising hyperrealism, capable of transporting viewers into the places of an eighteenth-century Venice.

Gran Teatro Geox, starting at 21.15

Again big laughs Sunday 26 Februarywhen he goes on stage Alessandro Siani with his “Extra Libertà Live Tour”. Freedom of thought, freedom of the press, freedom of expression, but also the freedom that we partially lacked during the pandemic: freedom will be the leitmotif of Alessandro Siani’s new hilarious show. In this new live project, dialogue with the public will become essential to address topics such as forced coexistence, the TV series phenomenon, the power of social media, politics, current events, war and above all the freedom to think and dream of a better future without virologists, vaccines and masks in which the only antidote to our day’s frustration can be a dose of pure joy. The freedom to spend an evening “without thought”!

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