Yukon housing crisis affects pets

Not to mention that the shelter is run by a volunteer, Cheryl McGrath, who welcomes these dogs to her home in Watson Lake and that she also has another job to pay her bills.

Over the years, Mrs. McGrath has rescued hundreds of dogs, but if they do not come out of the revolving door, they must be prevented from entering, at the risk of seeing them block the door she said, explaining the reason why it is now impossible for her to accommodate.

According to Cheryl McGrath, people are less willing to adopt dogs because of the housing shortage in the Yukon which is making it easier for landlords to ban tenants from having pets in their homes if they want to rent a property. Property.

« Housing is certainly an important factor in whether they adopt [un animal] or not. »

A quote from Cheryl McGrath, Yukon Animal Rescue Network

The Humane Society of Whitehorse says their shelter is full. Board member Samantha Salter says the adoption rate is back to pre-pandemic levels: “There was a time when we didn’t have enough animals. »

Now, says Ms. Salter, the animals are still arriving, but she has no statistics to show that people are abandoning their animals because of the housing crisis or a drop in income, but that generally , it is not uncommon to see a link.

This situation increases the pressure on the shelter, which already has to deal with a lack of resources and personnel. Other organizations have the same concerns, including Yukon Small Animal Rescue and Advocacy, which this week said it could no longer accept animals due to “significantly increased bills. »

Based on information from Leonard Linklater and Elyn Jones

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