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Updated on 06/30/2021 02:50 pm

Yoseline Hoffman is the Mexican youtuber and influencer known as YosStop who was arrested after being denounced in March of this year for the crime of child pornography and equal rape against the minor, identified as Ainara “S”.

Following the events denounced, the Mexico City National Prosecutor’s Office released a photograph and video of the moment of YosStop’s arrest. In a statement, quoted by the Universal of Mexico, the institution reports that Hoffman was located in the Narvarte neighborhood, underwent legal medical examinations and was made available to the control judge who requested the measure against him.

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As part of the investigation, a social representative of the Sexual Crimes Investigation Office requested and obtained a search warrant at Hoffman’s home and certify his arrest.

Ainara “S” spread through her Instagram account the legal complaint filed by her team of lawyers against the youtuber and five people. According to the accusation, the events occurred on May 25, 2018. YosStop is accused of, allegedly, storing and disseminating a video where the complainant, at that time a minor, was abused by some young people who inserted a bottle into her private parts .


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