Youth Festival, great music in Umbria with concerts by Niccolò Fabi and Francesco De Gregori

Niccolò Fabi and Francesco De Gregori in concert in Umbria on the occasion of “New Horizons – The Art that inspires – The Creonti Festival” in Acquasparta. The first will perform on 10 September, the second on 12 September.

“This is the type of event that Umbria focuses on. A continuous event over time, which has an eye for young people, which involves the various aspects of our region, which has a social, cultural and promotional character. I congratulate the administration of Acquasparta and reiterate the support of the Region “said the president of the Umbria Region, Donatella Tesei, on the occasion of the presentation, which took place today in the Sala Fiume of Palazzo Donini, in the presence of the mayor of Acquasparta Giovanni Montani and all its council, of the project “New Horizons – The Art that Inspires” which was born from an idea of ​​the administration of the Municipality of Acquasparta, thanks to the push of the councilor for social policies Sara Marcucci and the councilor for culture Guido Morichetti, in collaboration with R.Com and Artwork srl and with the technical support of Elitè Agency Group.

The highlight of the event, which in addition to musical events has an extensive program aimed at social and youth cohesion, stems from the need, today stronger than ever, to make the young people of the area increasingly participate as well as protagonists of social, cultural and artistic initiatives in step with the times, able to motivate and enhance the interests, potentials, desires and hopes of those who represent the future of the village. The pandemic has deeply undermined the foundations of our society, not only in health and economic terms, but also and above all in terms of relationships and sociability.

The first date will be that of 7 September 2021 with the inauguration of the Festival through the show by Simone Cristicchi “Take care of me” who will perform at 9.15 pm in Piazza Federico Cesi. Niccolò Fabi will perform in concert at the Acquasparta Stadium on 10 September. On 11 September with the show by Beatrice Beltrani and Antonio Micori, two acquaspartan artists also known in the national territory, who will stage the show “That life has a meaning” at the gardens of Palazzo Cesi. On 12 September, again at the Acquasparta stadium, Francesco De Gregori will close the Festival with his show. Furthermore, before the events, the artists will meet the young people of the town (13-25 years old) for a lively debate on “The art that inspires”. At the end of September the winter phase of the project will start which, thanks to the collaboration of Artwork srl, will see numerous events aimed at different age groups: theater, art, sculpture and painting workshops, workshops on paper, dance and music.


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