“You’re losing flavor to old songs, but in concert they make sense”

-They speak wonders about the ‘Now is when’ concerts, I suppose they will be happy with the result of the tour

-Yes, the truth is yes. It’s been a really cool tour, we’re enjoying it and people are also liking it a lot.

-It began in 2021 with the purchase of tickets limited to weeks before each concert to avoid cancellations due to Covid, with limited capacity, the public seated and now without restrictions, I understand that the tour has had different lives throughout this process.

-Of course, now things are being very different. Last year it was all a bit of a mess, although in the end it was enjoyed as much as possible, people adapted to what was there and things went well. But, of course, it has nothing to do with this year, with real concerts, with people standing up singing and dancing and eager to party.

-From up there you have to see it very differently.

-Of course, it’s that a concert of another type of music, well maybe sitting there doesn’t make much difference, but in a rock concert the people in the first rows who are there, you see them enjoying it and with those sensations and those vibrations that there, of course, there is no comparison.

-With this same tour they were in San Fernando in 2021, at the beginning of the summer in Chiclana and now in Sanlúcar, is there any other province where the tour has had so many stops?

-Well, it’s that between last year’s tour and this one there are going to be sixty-some concerts, so of course, there hasn’t been any tour that long and repeating in places where we played last year isn’t much to repeat either because of the difference in the tour, the changes in the repertoire and, above all, because of the difference in how things are. If they hire us it is because people want to.

-Since you are going to Sanlúcar, which holds the Gastronomic Capital, is there any dish or product that you think you cannot go without tasting it or are you going to discover it this weekend?

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-Well, surely I will discover it because people from there go with us, although we go a little fast because we arrived from Alicante the day before, but we will always have to take a little time.

-Sanlúcar also celebrates the V Centenary of the First Around the World. Has music led you to discover any corner of the world that has marked you especially?

-Well, I’ve always been more of traveling inside (laughs).

-Going back to the concert, will Saturday have the same structure as the tour with more than three hours of performance with a break in between?

-Yes, yes, we continue to do it the same way. A first softer part to go in, which lasts an hour and a quarter or so, and then a rest that depends on how easy it is for people to go to the bars and services. It is good for people, and for us too, that break. And then comes a second part with more gear, in which we play Maieutics whole.

-Is it difficult to keep up with that level of concerts and with such a long tour?

Well, it’s not like leaving home and not coming back for a month. It’s a tour of playing Friday and Saturday and spending the week at home. This is important to do so. I don’t like to give a lot of concerts because you have to go to concerts eager and rested. If you don’t feel like it, it shows. And it cannot be, the desire must be maintained, it is the most important thing there is.

-Does the tour end in November or does it have more travel?

-No no no. The tour ends in November and…

-And it’s been good, hasn’t it?

-There have been many concerts between last year and this one. It’s time to stop, first to rest a bit and then start with the new because there are already songs and themes to do a next work.

“The songs of the new work are already there. They are independent themes, each one in its own way”

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-Is there a song that you especially enjoy at concerts? Could you keep any?

-Man, very easy, right now with Maieutics without a doubt, because it’s a song that we’re really enjoying playing the whole thing, which lasts 47 minutes, but it’s always short for us and according to what people tell me, so do they.

-And with the final coda that leaves you like…

-So that it doesn’t fall short in the concerts, we make it a little longer (laughs), so that the music doesn’t end up like this, as it seemed to us… and in the end we hit it a little bit more. But she is the one we are all enjoying the most. Despite being so long, well, you can listen to it in parts, in fact it is divided into movements but to make it easier to hear a piece without forcing you to always listen to it in its entirety or having to go manually to the part you want to hear. But hearing it all at once is not the same as hearing a single movement. There are things that are not the same separately, a cold shower like that is not the same as a cold shower when leaving the sauna, it has nothing to do with it. It’s giving us a little courage to think that we won’t be able to continue doing the whole song on the next tour, because you eat up the concert. If we do a new tour, with new songs, you want to play Maieutics y…

-…We should take two breaks then

-We already did it with Extremoduro, a tour with two breaks playing in the middle the innate law.

-And any song that is impossible to get rid of but that you are already tired of?

-Man, old songs motivate you less, what happens is that they make sense live. I like to play the newest, it’s where I enjoy it the most, the other because I’ve lost its flavor. It’s like gum, you chew it so much that in the end you lose flavor. But at concerts it makes sense because you see people enjoying it and, of course, it’s another story.

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-The new work takes the path of the innate law y Maieutics or does it go the other way?

-They are independent songs, each one in a different way.

-I guess he’s tired of being asked about the separation from Extremoduro, how much of the group and Uoho (Iñaki Antón) he has MaieuticsI don’t know if you feel like saying more on that subject.

– No, you win none. Live in the present and focus on this tour we have now. And in the future, focus on new songs and enjoy all of this to the fullest. The past is the past.

-Does this new job have a date?

-Yes, more or less. The way the songs are, everything else is easier. At first we’re going to take vacations after the tour and then go into the rehearsal room to play and experiment with the songs. I guess the easiest thing is for it to come out at the end of 2023.

-From the promoter Live Nation I imagine that the time has not come to say what you think after the controversy over the suspension of Extremoduro’s farewell tour.

-What I think is that my lawyer has told me that I can talk about anything except what I really think about it. I have a lawsuit for three million euros for calling them chumps and for complaining about how they returned all the tickets, which is not what I say, that Facua filed two complaints against them, and well, everything is there awaiting trial and trusting let sanity prevail.

-Looked at with perspective, these years have been convulsive with the pandemic, the separation of the group and the management of the farewell tour that caused the conflict with the promoter… do you get any reading of this whole process? Or “would I do it all over again” as she says in her latest single unintelligible?

I would do it again… (sings smiling). Of course.

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