Young musicians win international competitions in Singapore and London


In recent days, Aisha Corona Aguilar won the Excellence Award at the Singapore Violin Festival, in addition to second place in the London Enkor International Competition.

His brother, pianist Alejandro Corona Aguilar, won two first places in the London-based Great Composers Contest, for the best performances by Bach and Mendelssohn, plus an invitation to play in Austria.

Due to the current situation of the covid-19 crisis, all the contests were held virtually, which significantly increased the number of participants.

Children of the pianists and composers Nicte Ha Aguilar and Alejandro Corona, both were born in Xalapa, Veracruz, in an environment conducive to their careers, says Aisha, 17. “It was a good way to show us that music could be a good life option for us. Since we were little we decided that we wanted to be part of this community”.

Due to the contingency, the contests in which they participated were virtual, so Aisha sent videos with works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Pablo Sarasate and Henrik Wieniawski. “I made an application online, I sent the videos and months later a jury made up of musicians from various countries gave me my recognition. Winning these prizes is a great incentive for being very competitive contests”.

For your participation in the Great Composers Contest, Alejandro sent a recording of the Piano Concerto No. 1 of Mendelssohn and the French Suite No. 5 by Bach, with which he won first place in both categories.

Recently, the young pianist was also recognized with first place in the Salzburg Grand Prize Virtuoso, whose prize is to offer a concert in Austria on August 30, if circumstances allow it due to the health situation due to the coronavirus.

Alejandro says that these and other previous awards show him “all the progress I have had in recent years. It is said that Mexicans are lazy, but compared to musicians from other countries, I realize that yes I’m at the level of the high level of competition”.

For Aisha these awards represent “an excellent opportunity to make yourself known internationally. Normally for face-to-face contests it is very difficult for a musician from a third world country to pay for a trip abroad to participate ”.

With the pandemic, he adds, “It has been an excellent option to open these contests virtually Because with a home computer you can send any request you want. This allows juries from other countries to listen to you and get to know you.”.



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