You are a student? check here the scholarships and benefits you can apply for for the academic year 2021

They are aimed at students at the basic, intermediate and higher levels.

On Monday, January 25, the deadline to apply or renew the benefits of the National Board of School Aid and Scholarships (Junaeb) for this academic year 2021 ends.

Every year the Junaeb grants several student benefits at the basic, intermediate and superior levels, including scholarships, credits and also the gratuity that allows studying careers at no cost.

The benefits that you can request or renew within this period are the following:

  • President of the Republic Scholarship for secondary and higher education (only renewal for this last level).
  • Indigenous scholarship for basic, middle and higher education.
  • Territorial Integration Grant for secondary and higher education.
  • Indigenous Residence Scholarship for higher education.
  • Patagonia Aysén scholarship for higher education.
  • Aysén scholarship for higher education.
  • Magallanes scholarship for higher education.
  • Scholarship to Support School Retention for secondary education (renewal only).
  • Polimetales de Arica Scholarship for secondary and higher education.
  • Professional Technical Practice Scholarship.

To apply or renew a Junaeb scholarship, you must have your updated information in the Social Household Registry (RSH) of the Ministry of Social Development and Family, since old information could leave the applicant without the possibility of opting for certain benefits, in the case of that their socio-economic situation has changed.

How to apply?

To apply for scholarships or renew your benefits, you must enter the website with RUT and password. In case of not remembering this password, the system gives the option to recover it in simple steps.

Benefits for Higher Education 2021

With regard to the offer of benefits only for Higher Education 2021 such as scholarships and gratuities, applications will begin on February 18.

As of that date, the process to complete the FUAS form begins, which establishes the socioeconomic conditions of each student and determines what benefits they can choose.

Important dates:

  • February 18 – March 18: Application form FUAS 2021
  • February 25: Publication of FUAS results of the first application between October and November.
  • April 20: First application benefits allocation.

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