You and I, Manuel Bortuzzo confesses to Diaco and talks about the relationship with Magnini


In the living room of the feelings of Me and youPierluigi Diaco hosted the Triestine swimmer Manuel Bortuzzo, an extraordinary example of resilience and a great love for sport. Introduced into the studio by the Roman conductor with beautiful words – Diaco said that, if he were a father, he would like to have a son like him – Bortuzzo spoke openly about different aspects of his life.

The interview, introduced by a summary clip edited by Paola Tavella and dedicated to the special story of the middle distance swimmer, saw Diaco start with a question dedicated to the relationship that the young man has with a popularity that, despite himself, invested him from one day to the next.

The 43-year-old journalist then opened the parenthesis dedicated tochildhood, projecting a photo of Bortuzzo as a child in the arms of his mother, who runs a bakery. This sweet vintage shot represented the opportunity for the young sportsman to tell a nice anecdote from school, when all his friends came to him for a pizza or a sandwich.

The chat between Pierluigi Diaco and Manuel Bortuzzo it went on touching other themes, such as that of historical friends. The ‘landlord’ of Me and you he also asked the young swimmer about the moment when he realized that water would become his passion “

“I really understood what I was going to do when I decided, at 17, to move to Rome”: these are the words of Manuel Bortuzzo, who subsequently focused on the value of competitiveness and on the relationship with brother Kevin, 7 years younger.

In Pierluigi Diaco’s living room, Bortuzzo, who has been defined by the conductor as an ‘amplifier of joy’, also mentioned another special relationship of his life: that with Filippo Magnini. The young sportsman – who confessed to wooing girls with roses and letters – has called Giorgia Palmas’ future husband her idol since she was a child, declaring that they often feel on WhatsApp also for a film project they have in common.

To surprise Bortuzzo was in particular a video message in which Magnini thanked him for how he taught to react positively to the difficulties that life puts before him, inviting him to Sardinia. The young sportsman from Trieste then specified that he was impatient to see his colleague and friend, ending with the sentence “Goofy, prepare some food that I get to Sardinia.”


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