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Yonhap News Agency, Seoul, September 22 (Yonhap News Agency) The Yonhap News Agency (Yonhap News Agency) held the “2022 Yonhap News Agency Multicultural Forum” at the Yonhap News Agency Building in Jongno District, Seoul on the afternoon of the 22nd.

This forum is co-organized by the Ministry of Women and Families, the Korea Health and Family Promotion Institute, and the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tokyo. And explore the role that the central and local governments can play.

Cheng Qihong, president of Yonhap News Agency, said in his opening speech that the proportion of children from multicultural families entering adolescence in China is increasing. Last year, it exceeded 40%. Helping them develop their own future is the core issue of multicultural policy.

In his speech, Deputy Minister (Deputy Minister) of the Ministry of Women and Families Lee Ki-soon said that since the promulgation of the multicultural family support law in 2008, the Ministry of Women and Families has continuously improved relevant laws and systems to help multicultural families take root in Korea. A policy of equal opportunity without discrimination.

Lee Ja Simin, member of the social and cultural sub-section of the National Unification Committee, a committee directly under the Korean President, Haemill School chairman and singer In Soon-yi (real name Kim In-soon), and professional basketball player-turned broadcaster Jeon Tae-bong (sound, the same below) attended the scene to congratulate holding of the forum. Choi Yoon-jung, research committee member of the Korea Women’s Policy Institute, and Sung Sang-hwan, professor of the Department of German Language Education at Seoul National University, respectively spoke on “The Characteristics and Current Situation Understanding of Multicultural Teenagers: Focusing on the 2021 Multicultural Family Factual Survey” and “The Multiculturalism that Korean Society Should Clarify” respectively. Education Policy Direction” was the keynote speech.

Moon Byung-ki, President of the Korean Immigration Policy Society, Oh Jung-eun, Dean of the Immigration and Multicultural Research Institute of Seoul University, Jiang Fuqing, headquarter of the Korea Healthy Family Promotion Institute, and the head of the multicultural home school supplies start-up “Enuma Korea”, participated in the participation of young people from multicultural families Forum discussion. In addition, the forum also held a scholarship award ceremony aimed at helping children from multicultural families integrate into Korean society.

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The live forum can be replayed on the official website (https://www.yna.co.kr/2022-site/multicultural) and the YouTube channel of the video website. (Finish)

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