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ICT education

By using tablet PCs, we have created an environment in which students can improve their motivation to learn and actively participate in lessons.

Using Microsoft’s Surface Go 3, we make full use of all kinds of materials such as charts, graphs, photos and illustrations to develop classes that are easy to understand visually.
In addition, we will actively incorporate videos and music, and develop classes with a wide variety of contents and structures, as well as classes that emphasize activities.
Tablets are an effective help for people who are not good at concentrating and thinking about something or speaking in front of everyone.
You can also use this tablet to record classes (especially research activities), various tests (regular exams, mock exams, certification exams), school events, student council/committee activities, club activities, and set goals. Students record their daily activities from the three perspectives of “activity details” and “review”, which leads to their own growth and helps them realize their future career paths.

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