Yellow in Sicily, the 25-year-old Nico Schwann has disappeared: the inseparable dog has been found

POZZALLO – We report the disappearance of a 25-year-old young man, Nico Schwann, homeless German died last Tuesday in Pozzallo (province of Ragusa).

To communicate this is the mayor Roberto Ammatuna with a press release released in the past few hours.

“Since late Tuesday evening there has been no news of Nico Schwann, a 25-year-old foreign national (Germany) and homeless. The reports of the disappearance come from the operators of the commercial activities in the area of Via Dell’Arno, near which Mr. Schwann uses to pass and stop, which have found the inseparable cane, who continues to cry hoping for the return of the master “.

The police local is currently trying to track down the young man, checking specifically in the places in a state of neglect that generally host the homeless.

The Municipality of Pozzallo also offers a physical description of the 25 year old: “Nico Schwann is about 1.80 meters tall, thin, with ‘dreadlock’ combed blond hair, round eyeglasses and speaks English. He usually wears a green sweatshirt and hazelnut trousers “.

Volunteers from the municipal group of the Civil protection for research, while a first detailed information on the activities already carried out was sent to the Prefect of Ragusa.

Anyone with news of the young man is invited to contact the local police at number 0932 1839408.

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