Yellow Hat Develops “Cat Pop-out Sign” to alert drivers in “National Traffic Nyan All Campaign” to protect cat safety –Car Watch

Historical Cat Day “Transportation Nyan All Presentation” released around 2:22 on February 22, 2022

At around 22:22 (scheduled) on February 22nd, which is Cat Day, a 240-second “Traffic Nyan All Presentation” will be released on the Yellow Hat official YouTube channel. With the contents of a press conference that cats can enjoy together, such as past activities, thoughts put into all traffic movements, behind the scenes of cat pop-out sign production, Mr. Horie of Yellow Hat also appeared, “Reducing accidents not only for humans but also for cats. We aim to create a car society where people can live with peace of mind. ” Prior to the release on the 22nd, a promoter movie has been released.

A 240-second version of “Transportation Nyan All Presentation” will be released around 22:22 on February 22nd.

The video will be held in the style of a press conference

Dr. Takagi from the Animal Psychology Research Team “CAMP-NYAN” at Kyoto University will also appear.

Horie representative of Yellow Hat also appeared

Advance notice “Transportation Nyan All Presentation” (30 seconds) by Yellow Hat (30 seconds)

If you agree with the National Traffic Nyan Campaign, you will receive an original traffic safety sticker.

From February 17th to February 28th, if you purchase products at Yellow Hat and support the National Transportation Nyan Campaign, the mascot character “Hat Nyan” was designed with the hope of a society where cars can live with peace of mind. We also carry out a campaign to receive “Transportation Nyan Zen Movement Original Stickers”. However, each store is limited to the first 100 people, one per person. It will end as soon as the stock runs out.

In addition, if you show your “SD (Safe Driver) card” at the store for 2000 yen or more during the same period, you will get either “Hat Nyan Plastic Cup” or “BOX Tissue”. However, there is only one item per person, and you cannot select it if it is out of stock.

Traffic Nyan all movement original sticker. Due to the hologram specifications, it may differ from the actual design. The size is 120 x 120 mm (length x width)

Hat Nyan Plastic Cup

BOX tissue

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Yellow Hat “National Transportation Nyan All Movement 2022” TVCM (30 seconds)

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