Yeison Jiménez sold out the ticket office in Charlotte, United States, but he is not doing so well with the airlines

Yeison Jiménez, singer of popular music in Colombia. @yeison_jimenez

Yeison Jimenez He is one of the most recognized national artists today and his successful musical career requires him to be constantly traveling, not only within the country but also abroad.

This is what happened last Friday, when the famous artist held a concert in Charlotte, North Carolina (United States). Reason for which he was quite proud and grateful to his followers on Instagram, for whom he shared a series of stories through which he commented on the moment.

“It is the first time that I come to Charlotte and artists of my genre almost never come here, to this city, because it is very difficult to fill but we did it and we filled it, for the glory of God Thank you, Charlotte!”, Commented the interpreter caldense of popular music.

He also explained that, even before starting his presentation, the organizers of the event were in trouble, as the liquor ran out from moments before, because nobody imagined the amount of people who were going to attend the event.

“Get ready because this got bastard! You cannot imagine how I feel to know that my first show in a city, where they never come to sing popular and we burst it “Yeison Jiménez added.

Subsequently, the Colombian artist added that a presentation awaits him in Georgia to conclude a successful concert tour on North American soil and, of course, he dedicated himself to publishing some of the amateur videos that recorded his presentations throughout the country from his profile.

It is worth mentioning that in the midst of the concerts he has done in Colombia and the United States these days, the musician got a bitter surprise thanks to the bad service that, according to him, an airline usually provides its travelers.

According to Yeison Jiménez, everything happened at the Rionegro airport, when he was about to take the first of the three flights that he had pending for the day and which, after several problems, was rescheduled seven hours later.

“I was not going to publish this but I had so much free time that I decided to do it. I have had the opportunity to travel a little around this world and I have never found a country so irresponsible with the issue of flights like this one. It’s sad with what happens in Colombia. Here you are five minutes late for a flight, even when the line is boarding the plane, and they tell you: ‘no, the flight is closed’. And I say it because it happened to me ”, commented Yeison Jiménez in his first stories.

In addition, he added that there are airlines with the custom of delaying by their own decision those flights in which they were not able to sell the majority of tickets, to send these people on subsequent trips and, in this way, put fewer planes on the road and cut travel expenses. operation.

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“Here a flight is overbooked two or three times and they put only one plane to make the route (…) And since 12 noon I have been waiting for a flight that, it was supposed, first it was said had to leave at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, then they tell me that he will leave almost at 4 and now they don’t know anymore. So the bottom line is that they sell a flight three or four times and put a plane to go to its destination and return for passengers. This is what they just told me: ‘your plane is in Yopal, unload and pick up again’. But I was flying at 12! ″, added the famous singer with obvious annoyance.

After that he revealed that all the inconvenience he had with the Easyfly airline, in which he says he has several friends, but warns that it is not the first time that this has happened to him and his team, not only with this but with other companies in Colombia. “I am going to publish this because it is too exhausting to have to spend whole days behind such irresponsible people as in this case Easyfly. What a ballot!”Yeison Jiménez said.


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