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Original title: 188,000 tourists were received!Yanshan County is very popular during the Spring Festival holiday

During the Spring Festival holiday in Yanshan County, the tourism market was stable and orderly. According to comprehensive calculations, a total of 188,000 tourists have been received, including 155,372 one-day tourists and 32,639 overnight tourists, achieving a tourism income of 149 million yuan. The number of tourists received has recovered to 44% of 2019, and the county’s cultural tourism market has recovered. With the warming up, tourists in various scenic spots ushered in a small peak.

During the Spring Festival, the cultural tourism market in Yanshan County was stable and orderly

Adhere to the normalization of epidemic prevention and control inspections, safety inspections, and market inspections. Intensify law enforcement inspections on cultural and tourism business units such as singing and dancing entertainment, Internet access services, and scenic spots, and seriously investigate and deal with various violations of laws and regulations in the cultural and tourism market; at the same time, online and offline linkages have been strengthened, and online inspections have been strengthened, and on-site inspections have been carried out in-depth supervision of enterprises , Severely crack down on various illegal business activities, pay close attention to Internet public opinion related to the cultural tourism market, and effectively maintain the security and stability of the online cultural tourism market.

Vigorously promote the escort of the cultural tourism market

Through the Yanshan County Media Center, we will publicize the cultural and tourism activities carried out during the Spring Festival holiday in local tourist attractions, especially to remind the recent epidemic prevention and control work, cold and disaster prevention safety, civilized tourism, etc., and advocate nearby travel for a better life Safety and Peace Festival.

Strong festive atmosphere and rich and colorful cultural activities

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During the Spring Festival, the Gold Coast of Yanshan County launched a preferential policy of free tickets. Scenic spots such as Zhelaposuo Manor and Xiaohai Ecological Wetland Park ushered in a small peak of tourism. In addition to scenic spots, cultural tourism activities have also been carried out in various places. Jiayi Town Luotaiyi Village and Huilong Village, Huilong Community, Pingyuan Town organized the 2023 Miao “Huashan Festival” on January 23; Heiyudong Village, Weimo Township organized the 2023 “Our Festival Spring Festival” cultural performance; On January 29, Daxin Community of Pingyuan Town organized the exhibition and performance of the provincial intangible cultural heritage project “Crassman Dance” of Yanshan County’s “New Year Festival” in 2023; on February 5, Qidu International Plaza organized the “Our Festival·Lantern Festival” and Manchester City Lantern Festival concert activities, etc.

During the Spring Festival holiday in 2023, there will be no negative travel-related public opinion in the county, and no travel shopping returns; no major travel-related cases, major negative public opinion information, and tourism public events that damage the tourism image of Yanshan County have been found. The overall order of the county’s cultural tourism market Smooth and orderly, no travel complaints and travel safety accidents occurred.

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