Yamaha Music Yokohama Store Blog: August 1st (Sun) Piano Floor Concert Notice ♪


Information on the piano floor concert on August 1st (Sun) from the keyboard instrument section.

Along with the performance, Yamaha Demonstrator will introduce you to the silent piano!

“What is a silent piano?”

“What kind of function does it have?”

“Does the touch change?”

Do you have any questions like this !?
Professionals will explain in an easy-to-understand manner.
Why don’t you enjoy the piano more freely with the piano that is close to the present era?

Also, at the concert, Yamaha Music Yokohama store original sheet music will be used.
We will also show you a duet with a nice arrangement.
Please feel free to make a reservation or contact us.

Piano floor concert ♪
Date: August 1, 2021 (Sun) 11:30~/13:30~/15:00~
Venue: Yamaha Music Yokohama Store 3rd Floor E Classroom
Fee: Free (reservation required)
Application: WEB application, TEL
Capacity: 5 people seated each time
Performance: Kasumi Kono
(Yamaha Piano Demonstrator)

Inquiries / Applications

Call here tel: 045-311-1202

Click here for WEB Yamaha Music Yokohama Store HP Inquiry Page

* Please enter the event name, number of participants, and desired time in the “Inquiry details” column.


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