Yalta “floated” after a heavy shower // Watch

In the Yalta region, a two-month precipitation rate fell per day. One of the rivers overflowed its banks, the streets and the first basements of houses were flooded.

In Kerch, the consequences of flooding are being eliminated. Rains in Crimea will continue today. The southern coast of Crimea was under the blow of the elements.

Now Yalta has begun to sink. Showers here began after midnight, and they are only gaining strength. Stormy mud streams flow down from the mountains to the streets. Some intersections just stopped, drivers do not risk going further. In general, due to the flooding of roads, the speed of movement in the city has noticeably decreased.

Such flows of water in the city could not but lead to trouble. On one of the streets, the support wall was washed away, and the cars literally hovered over the flooded river.

– Now two cars will leave. The wall was washed away. Now two cars will simply collapse into the river. The flow of water is enormous. It hurts to look at it.

It is interesting that last night it was the vicinity of Yalta that was under the gun of bad weather. More significant precipitation was not observed anywhere on the peninsula. But the measurement data of meteorological stations located near or in the resort town itself are striking. On Ai-Petri, 84 mm of precipitation poured out in 12 hours, and in Nikitsky Garden, 39 mm of rain fell into the rain gauges.

Today, the center of the cyclone will circle over the Black Sea just three hundred kilometers southwest of Simferopol, and the most powerful cumulonimbus clouds associated with it will continue to attack the southern and western coasts of Crimea with volley showers. There, according to model estimates, in some places until the end of the day, precipitation may fall from 28 to 33 mm.

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In Yalta, a very heavy downpour will continue until 15:00, another 28 mm of precipitation will fall on the city – this is almost three buckets of water per square meter of streets, which may cause flooding. In the period from 3 pm to 9 pm the rain will subside and about 7 mm is expected, and at night the precipitation will gradually stop.

Thus, on Friday, a total of 2/3 of the total monthly volume of heavenly moisture will fall into the rain gauges. At the same time, the thermometer columns will not be able to rise above +22 degrees. Nevertheless, with the onset of the weekend, the weather will clear up, no dangerous phenomena are expected, and the temperature background will finally return to its climatic channel. So the residents of Crimea will have to go through the last rainy day.


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