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Tonight, the Irish group Westlife held an online live concert, which attracted nearly 7 million netizens to watch. The Westlife has become the uncle of the Westlife, but it is still charming.

In this live concert, West Side Boys sang many classic songs such as “My Love”, “Sweet it Again” and “Uptown Girl”.

Xicheng Boys debuted in 1999. For most of the 80s and 90s, this combination is their enlightenment to European and American music, and it is also a musical note memory dedicated to an era.

This concert aroused the resonance of many netizens. They wrote on social platforms: “Time has turned those boys into men, but their voices have not changed. Their melody and singing are buried in our memory and become To seal the treasures in time, long-lost reunion is really an invincible and beautiful word in the world”, “I think of high school living in school, hiding in the bed at night listening to the West Side boy, at that time it was still the world of tapes, MP3 has just emerged, and now it is broadcast live on mobile phones, okay Feeling”, “Tonight is your youth team building”…

It is worth mentioning that singer Eason Chan also held an online live concert tonight.

He sang songs such as “Beethoven and Me”, “Angel’s Gift”, “Shall We Talk”, “Today” and “Yesterday”.

Music critic Erdi said, “(Eason Chan) chose the songs very carefully. Although the whole time is not long, it is very touching to hear them all, because every song is in this difficult moment, full of humanistic care and The different perspectives and themes of spiritual healing bring the listeners sincere and warm heart comfort.”

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As Eason Chan wanted to express through this concert: Yesterday belongs to history, tomorrow is mysterious and unknown, and today is a gift from God, cherish the present, and hope that we will all get better and better.

source:Thoughtful Shanghai author:Xu Ning

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