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Visiting Salinas, the Secretary of Health and Human Services of the United States, Xavier Becerra, recognized as an example the effort to vaccinate agricultural workers in the Salinas Valley against Covid-19.

Secretary Becerra toured a vaccination clinic at the Salinas Sports Complex to speak with farm workers on the Central Coast and see how they have managed to vaccinate the majority of this working population.

“I feel very happy, very content, I was telling my colleagues and I motivated some how many,” said Luero Vazquez, an agricultural worker from Salinas.

Farm workers achieve 75 percent vaccination against Covid-19 in Monterey County.

“Out of 100 people now dying from Covid, more than 99 percent of them are people without a vaccine,” said Secretary Xavier Becerra.

Becerra stressed that the partnership between the community, companies and clinics made the difference in advancing with vaccination.

“Much of the population in this country of Latino heritage is not vaccinated. The message is: be like a farmer, get vaccinated, protect yourself, ”said the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

In the Latino community, one in two people have a family member or acquaintance who was infected with Covid-19 or died from this disease, according to Dr. Maximiliano Cuevas, director of the Salinas Valley Health Clinics.

“We have to get vaccinated so it is very important that this vaccine is given to all possible bodies,” said Cuevas.

Between the Salinas Valley Health Clinics and the Association of Growers and Farmers they have managed to vaccinate 40 thousand agricultural workers.

The Farmers and Growers Association have also brought vaccination clinics to workplaces for eligible children of farmworkers to receive the doses.

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