Würzburg geriatric nurses steal around 70,000 euros from senior citizens


The 34-year-old, who stole from a wealthy couple in Würzburg, has now been convicted. The nurse is said to have reached into the wallets of colleagues in the old people’s home.

A nurse in Würzburg used his trust to improve his till status. The court sentenced him to two years suspended probation after his confession. Photo: Symbolic picture: Angelika Warmuth

It is a silent fear of many relatives of those in need of care: helpless seniors are robbed by the carers who look after them. In a Würzburg case, the suspicion that we reported a few months ago was confirmed. Two years suspended probation The 34-year-old from the neighborhood stole money, jewelry and watches from a wealthy couple for whom he had worked as a private nurse for months. The man has now been brought to justice. He was sentenced to two years suspended probation, as the deputy …

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