Wuhan East Lake College’s health care major is popular with an average starting salary of 6,000 yuan per student and six units

Chutian Metropolis Daily Jimu News (Reporter Changyu Correspondent Zhang Lijiang Yang Hu Jing) One student and six units grabbed an average starting salary of 6,000 yuan. In recent years, the School of Nursing and Health Management (School of Life Sciences and Chemistry) of Wuhan East Lake University has achieved remarkable results. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 99%, the admission rate of undergraduates has remained at about 25%, and the admission rate of junior college students has been maintained. Reach 100%.

Yesterday, the person in charge of the institute said in an interview with Jimu News: “The school has developed a talent training model of’in-depth school-enterprise cooperation + vocational skills certificate’, and tailored training programs for students.”

Chen Wei is a graduate of the college. He was admitted to the EU “Erasmus” Advanced Masters Program with outstanding professional results in the year of graduation and received a full scholarship. Chen Wei, now the chairman of the German Prince Bao Company and a postdoctoral fellow at Frankfurt University, told reporters, “Wuhan East Lake College has a strong faculty, superior scientific research conditions, and strong school-running strength. I was admitted to the EU’s Erasmus Advanced Master’s degree. An important prerequisite for the plan, my life trajectory has taken a major turn.”

“After graduating, I didn’t take a detour, and I went straight to my favorite unit with my major. This is inseparable from the college and many leading companies in the industry to carry out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation and set up a joint training model for oriented classes.” Graduate Dong Pan signed a contract with a centralized internship company uniformly arranged by the college after graduation. Now he is the regional general manager of Renfu Pharmaceutical Zhejiang Province and a beneficiary of the school-enterprise cooperation training model.

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In addition, there are Wang Wencheng, general manager of Jingzhou Fengzeyuan Agricultural Co., Ltd., You Qiang, senior researcher of Hangzhou Jiuyuan Genetic Engineering Co., Ltd., Li Yixi, deputy director of production at Changsha Huada Meixi Lake Medical Laboratory, and Huang, senior engineer of Huada Gene Group Biao, senior researcher Chen Rui of Wuhan WuXi AppTec New Drug Development Co., Ltd., Dr. Zehua Li of Tsinghua…In recent years, the School of Nursing and Health Management (School of Life Sciences and Chemistry) of Wuhan East Lake University has delivered a large number of outstanding talents to the society.

“The 21st century is the century in which mankind pursues health. The general health industry has ushered in a period of great development. Health care and pharmaceuticals have become one of the most rapidly developing and most profitable industries in China. The industry has a very broad prospects for development. The college actively responds to the national new medical sciences. The call for construction will focus on the establishment of five majors supported by the Ministry of Education, namely nursing (undergraduate), biopharmaceutical (undergraduate), health management (specialty), drug quality and safety (specialty), and pharmaceutical biotechnology (specialty)! , Hubei Province Colleges and Universities Strategic Emerging (Pillar) Industry Talent Training Program Program 2 majors, Hubei Province’s first batch of key training undergraduate majors, 1 Hubei Province undergraduate comprehensive reform pilot program majors.” Yang Yang, Vice President of the Academy According to the introduction, “The college has established internship training bases with more than 20 large state-owned enterprises and listed companies such as Wuhan’s top three hospitals and Zhonglian Pharmaceutical, so as to realize teacher sharing, professional construction, and teaching and research.

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