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[Epoch Times, January 14, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) Taiwanese singer-songwriter Wu Wenfang, following the invitation of the foundation to participate in a charity concert last year, recently took the next day of charity activities to accompany Haner Pack New Year gift boxes and make charity sales promotion.

In the days of freezing weather, when Wu Wenfang arrived at the foundation, a big sun began to appear. The social worker teacher who guided her upstairs along the way said, “Han’er’s circulatory system is not good, especially the cold weather a few days ago. It rains, making Han’er easy to get sick. A few days ago there was another Han’er who was sent to the emergency room. It’s nice that you came to bring the sun.”

Wu Wenfang, who was transformed into “Sister Angel”, showed a happy smile, hoping to shine the sunshine in his heart on the hearts of the Han children. As soon as she stepped into the hand-made classroom, her song “Lonely Sum” was heard. The social worker said: “After the last charity concert, Han’er liked this song very much, so we often broadcast it”, more Mentioned that the Han children started listening to this song early in the morning, hoping to see “Sister Angel” soon.

In fact, the annual gift box charity sale is the busiest and most fulfilling moment for the young children in the park; every Wednesday morning during the packaging time, everyone will line up in an orderly production line, wearing masks and gloves.

Those who are interested in numbers will carefully light the number of tea bags, then put them in the bag and seal them. Others put biscuits and some of them put a gold coin bank, and then close the lid. The packaging is complete.

This time Wu Wenfang also participated in the tea bag packaging. Han’er Xiaoling is her little teacher. Xiaoling looked shy and shy when she saw Wu Wenfang. The social worker teacher also teased her, “Isn’t usually talkative a lot?” Xiaoling directly replied: “Sister is so beautiful.” Wu Wenfang asked how to stick tape to make it beautiful, Xiaoling. Ling then demonstrated to her.

Wu Wenfang (right) delivers warmth in the cold winter and is packaged in a gift box to accompany Haner’s New Year’s Day. The picture shows the little teacher of Han’er instructing Wenfang how to pack. (Provided by Zhen Shan Mei Social Welfare Foundation)

With Wu Wenfang’s help, the Han children happily spent the two-hour packaging course. Seeing everyone working so hard, Wu Wenfang also subscribed for ten boxes of New Year gift boxes.

“The Han children are innocent and cute. I just want to sell the assembled New Year gift boxes. It is really distressing to see that they have no orders.” Therefore, Wu Wenfang did not forget to call, everyone can subscribe at the end of the year New Year’s gift box, accompany the Han children through the cold winter with love.

Wu Wenfang
Wu Wenfang (4 from the right) accompanied the foundation’s young children to pack and sell the New Year gift boxes. (Provided by Zhen Shan Mei Social Welfare Foundation)

Wu Wenfang, who continues to create, plans to continue to release singles in 2021, and hopes that there will be time to complete the new album years ago. In addition, she secretly prepared the campus assault pop-up program and the live concert of special performances, hoping to welcome the new year with fans.

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