Wrong Information About DKI, PAN’s Doubts about the Cohesiveness of Minister of Health and Wamenkes PAN


Minister of Health (Menkes) Budi Gunadi Sadikin apologized for the ‘E’ rating or at worst to DKI Jakarta that was conveyed by the Deputy Minister of Health Dante Saksono Harbuwono. Member of Commission IX of the PAN faction, Saleh Daulay, regretted the misinformation conveyed by the Deputy Minister of Health Dante.

“So, first of all, I really regret that there is a difference in the information submitted to the DPR and to the media regarding the assessment submitted to the DKI Government in dealing with COVID-19 where it is said that there is a category E value to the DKI Regional Government,” Saleh said when contacted, Friday (28/28/2020). 5/2021).

Saleh believed from the start that the information conveyed by the Deputy Minister of Health Dante Saksono was wrong during a hearing with Commission IX, on Thursday (27/5). According to him, this is proven because DKI has always tried really hard to deal with the Corona pandemic.

“I think that this information is not correct, because I see that DKI is one of the regional governments who are serious in dealing with the pandemic, they have made every effort from the beginning of COVID-19 until now, from the infrastructure they have, whether it’s owned by the government. even if they are lacking, they can still use the targets that other parties have, that has been done. I think that is a work ethic that needs to be appreciated,” he explained.

Saleh then explained that Wamenkes Dante’s mistake was actually due to the absence of Minister of Health Budi Gunadi when he was invited to a hearing because he was in South Korea. At that time, the Minister of Health who promised to give an online presentation was not carried out.

“We don’t know for one reason or another maybe the Minister of Health has not been exposed, in fact the Wamenkes explained, that’s where the information (the worst Corona treatment in DKI) was conveyed, if it happened like this, then there was a correction delivered by the Minister of Health. there is a kind of discrepancy in the information provided by the Ministry of Health to the DPR or the public,” he said.

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Watch the video ‘Apologies from the Minister of Health after the Great Jakarta’s Worst Corona Treatment’:

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