Writing under the stars – reading in the Aichergut

SEEWALCHEN. Beate Maxian will present her latest novel “The Queen’s Necklace” on October 5th at 7 pm in the Aichergut. It’s the great story about Marie Antoinette’s mysterious necklace. Two authors will be introduced in the preliminary program.

As part of the “Writing under the stars” author support program initiated by the Weidinger bookstore and carried out jointly with the Attersee Tourist Board, two authors spend 14 days writing at Lake Attersee. Katharina Viktoria Haderer (Lower Austria) and Ruth-Anne Byrne (Vienna) were selected.

Established bestselling author

Beate Maxian first grew up in Bavaria and the Arab world, and later in Vöcklabruck and Vienna. The eleven crime novels in her Vienna crime series about her protagonist Sarah Pauli are all bestsellers. Other publications: historical family novels, short stories, plays and much more. For her work she was awarded a scholarship from the Wiesbaden Literature House and has been nominated several times for literary prizes. In 2007 she also founded the first Austrian crime fiction literature festival “Mörderischer Attersee / Krimi Literatur Festival at”. She is married to the musician and cultural manager Jeff Maxian and has two children.


Katharina Viktoria Haderer has been writing fantastic novels since she was young. After studying German in Vienna, she published her debut “Das Herz im Glas” in 2014 in self-publishing. In the meantime, her books have also made it into a major publisher. The three volumes of the Black Alchemy series have been published by Droemer-Knaur since 2019. In 2021 she published the novel Oase der Mutanten as part of the science fiction series Perry Rhodan WEGA. Haderer lives in Bad Vöslau in Lower Austria, where, in addition to her work as an author, illustrator and graphic designer, she also works as a scout leader.

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Books for children and young readers

Ruth Anne Byrne was born in Innsbruck in 1975. After graduating from school, she studied ecology and marine biology in Vienna. In addition to her studies, she worked on projects to protect sea turtles and the communication of Caribbean reef squids. Her diploma thesis and dissertation on behavioral research in octopuses led, apart from several scientific publications, to a mention in the category “useless knowledge”. The late start for writing was the bedtime stories she told her little daughter. Because half measures simply do not correspond to their nature, she spent the next five years in various seminars to learn the craft of writing. This turned into a hobby of its own, which at some point took over. She has now published two books for young people and two children’s books. The latter in the renowned Austrian G&G children’s book publisher.


Tickets for the reading on October 5 are available for 15 euros from the Weidinger bookstore in Seewalchen or online at aichergut.digiTicket24.at


The Vöcklabrucker Tips is giving away three copies of the new book “The Queen’s Necklace” by Beate Maxian (to be published on November 11th), here!

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