[Wow]I’m not in debt? My son’s girlfriend, “I have a scholarship. The rest is about 4 million. “I had a new Louis Vuitton that day! Distrust of her buying branded goods without returning her scholarship. She is not convinced! : Kijo Diary -Kijo / Shuraba / Kichimama Summary-

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This may be strange, but …
This time, my son brought a partner he wanted to marry.
I talked to her in various ways, but when I asked, “I hear you’re rude, but are you in debt?”, “I have a scholarship.”
Neither I nor my husband are high school graduates who have never used scholarships, but when asked “How much is left?”, He said, “It’s about 4 million.”
My son also borrowed a scholarship and went to college, and although we paid half the price, he paid half the price himself after he started working.
So why is this amount of scholarship left at this age? I was wondering.
She says, “Even if a woman works, she doesn’t make much money and I haven’t been able to return it properly until now.” But the bag she brought that day was a beautiful new Louis Vuitton.
Will I buy a branded bag but will not return the scholarship? I could only feel distrust.
“I want you to repay the scholarship in full and then get married, or after you get married, repay the scholarship with her earnings.”
When I said that, my son said, “Why are you against marriage !?”

She said she would retire when she got married and became a full-time worker and gave birth to two children.
If I get married, will my boy pay the scholarship? When I asked them, she replied “Of course” with haste …
My son also said, “For her!” My son doesn’t have that kind of savings …
Besides, he said he wanted to have a wedding, but does that also have a boy? The parents of the other party will not repay the scholarship, but will they pay for the ceremony?
I asked my son, “Why don’t you think so much because you have a lot of things to do? Think that the cost of the ceremony and the scholarship are about the same. Where does the money come from? I don’t think I have a lot of savings, though. ”
“Can you help the bags?”, It was natural for my son to bear the burden …

I wonder if it’s an old-fashioned idea …
I think scholarship = debt, but usually I or my parents don’t pay? I will think.
Immediately after getting married, I think my boy can’t do it while he has 4 million debts and feeds a housewife.
Moreover, she wants to get pregnant soon. She also wants a house.
Or is it natural for my wife to take over the scholarship for my wife when I get married now?
I’m not convinced.

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The cost of a wedding depends on the family
I don’t think it’s going to work because Ama-chan’s son, who is naturally helped by her bare-rooted girlfriend, just eats up her parents’ property even if she gets married.
It ’s a couple that does n’t work without their parents ’money.

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Well, I don’t think shoulders are the norm.
I don’t know the age of my son or her, but my husband repaid the scholarship at 30 and then got married.
If the couple is convinced, I think it would be good to replace the scholarship with a full-time housewife.
However, you can’t shake the sleeves you don’t have, right? If you don’t help, the ceremony and the house can only be done within a certain amount of money.
What you do is tell them that you don’t count on them because they don’t help you with money.
After that, two adults will think and live.

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Scholarship is debt
Where is that stupid woman

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My acquaintance borrowed 6 million scholarships and went to the hospital, and after that he earned 1500 edits at a leading company.
It’s more of an investment in yourself in the future than a loan. I guess she wasn’t worth the investment.

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You made a mistake in raising your son

119 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 13:15:22 0.net

I said that I was a crazy woman, and why is it just a woman who is not like this?
I’m worried because I have a son

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1, my son has no eyes
2, the woman is wearing a cat
3, my son is also a waste, so only the waste comes
4, the woman is brainwashing her son
5, in fact, I have a weakness
6, stunning

Is it about this?

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In this case, everything except 2 seems to be possible and scary

120 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (Water) 13:15:38 0.net

Well, it looks like a fragrant young lady, so if you get married, why don’t you give any help? If you take the form of help within the bounds of common sense?

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My brother used a scholarship, but he returned it all at once before getting married.
On the contrary, I was surprised that some people started to look at the home board and had their spouse return it.

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Why do you want a full-time housewife?
I’m a full-time housewife, but I’m free.

124 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 13:21:40 0.net

I’m free.That’s so much time I don’t know what to do if I don’t have children.
I have children
I wonder if I want to live a life full of things that I will retire as soon as I get married …

127 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 13:25:44 0.net

Certainly, if you have children, you should retire.
She is her, but her son, who relies on the help of her parents, is also her son.
I think it’s better not to help because my thoughts are sweet
Who should return the scholarship if we can do it ourselves?

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Even if you don’t want to work, it’s a luxury problem for those who work.

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It ’s my son ’s life, so I think it ’s okay to leave them alone so that they do n’t get sparks.
However, there is no easy-to-understand brand bag to say hello in such a state.
There are still many female students who want to get married because they want to quit their jobs.

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I’m suspicious that I might get married if I don’t help

132 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 13:34:55 0.net

That’s right.The boy’s eyes wake up easily

134 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 13:36:26 0.net

could be
It might be better to let go if you don’t help at all

137 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (Water) 13:38:57 0.net

Thank you for your comment on the long complaint.
Both my son and girlfriend are 30.
And I was a little relieved to think that my idea was not strange.
Also, I will change the writing style to write what I want to write.

When I replied, “Why do we have to help?” On the spot, my son looked like he was off the mark.
It’s strange that 30 adults rely on their parents to get married.
We’re not rich, we’re just double-income couples.
I wonder why you think you can help me. I wonder if it’s been so spoiled.
My older son got a decent wife, so I’m just surprised at the difference.
If you can afford to buy a Louis Vuitton tote bag, return the scholarship!
If I didn’t have the bag at least at the greeting, I would have trusted it a little!

I’m not against marriage, but my son’s “apologize” call is amazing …

140 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 13:42:05 0.net

What am I doing wrong?
It’s a mystery

138 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 13:41:20 0.net

You don’t have to apologize. You don’t have to help.Too much

139 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 13:41:54 0.net

I have to declare the brothers’ perfect equality in aid and heritage.

141 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 13:46:13 0.net

I borrowed 5 million scholarships in the same year as my son, but before I got married, I borrowed all my savings and a little from my parents and settled.
By the way, I got married at 27
I have already returned what I borrowed from my parents
What did you think and what did you live up to when your son and girlfriend 30 …?

143 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 13:51:20 0.net

She seems to be lamenting that she was opposed to getting married because of her scholarship.
I just said that I should get married after paying off the full scholarship …
I just said I wouldn’t help on the spot …
Truck luck and a nurse’s elderly couple are not rich …
I’ll give you a wedding gift, but …

I don’t know how much scholarship I borrowed, but I think 4 million is a lot of money, but are her parents wealthy enough to call it a small amount of money? I even think about sarcasm.
When I spilled it to my husband, he said, “If so, I wouldn’t borrow a scholarship.” surely.

I was surprised that my older son and his wife also talked about this time, and it was quick to move their hands.
So I’m not against the marriage itself.
My aunt is just surprised at the lack of planning of the two.

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145 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 13:55:44 0.net

I can only think of it as Takari
Even if I survive this moment with the help of my parents, I’m stuck

144 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 13:53:20 0.net

“I’m not against it, it’s best to repay the scholarship to get married.”
What is your older son and wife?

146 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 13:56:54 0.net

I’m not a nurse but a caregiver w

My older son said, “I was told that my dad and my dad were against marriage, but is the other person so terrible, or is my younger brother terrible? Which one?”
When I returned the details, “Both are terrible,” he said, “I’ll ask you a little.”

147 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 14:00:04 0.net

On the surface, you should apologize.
If you don’t want to pay, don’t say anything, don’t get involved.
I apologize, I’m sorry. I do not object to marriage. It’s okay.
Whether or not to help is another matter, and if my son decides to take over, that’s fine.
It’s better not to get involved in troublesome things.
Also, I had a high school diploma, but is it a nurse?
I think it means that I entered a high school in the nursing department and attended a major.
My parents are office workers and I’m a normal family, but if a truck driver and a nurse work together, it seems like I’m usually rich.

148 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 14:01:12 0.net

Oh, a caregiver?
It’s a really hard job, isn’t it? I always respect you. Take good care of yourself.

149 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 14:03:06 0.net

Why do you even get involved with your older son and wife?
You just have to say, “I won’t pay more than the celebration, I’m an adult, so please talk with us and do your best.”

150 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 14:05:28 0.net

It was a stupid boy who got involved w

152 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (Water) 14:07:28 0.net

I’m returning the details as “both are terrible”.
I was just worried if my son could make money.

153 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 14:16:49 0.net

I’m sure I wouldn’t tell the details to my older son and his wife.
It was easy … I’m sorry.
I haven’t received any action from my daughter yet, so I think my brother contacted my brother for the time being …

For the time being, I’m going to put out more than ever that I won’t help.
Thank you for listening to the complaints.

154 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 14:26:53 0.net

Even if I borrow 4 million and return only 20,000 a month as default, I can return more than half in 10 years
Even if my salary is only 100,000, I can afford to return it at my parents’ house.
I don’t want to be a relative when I become a parent who allows unpaid scholarships …

155 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (water) 14:34:20 0.net

It may be 4 million after decreasing

156 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (Water) 14:36:24 0.net

Isn’t it possible to graduate from a graduate school?
Well, if you’re a graduate, you’re studying so much and you’re a full-time housewife.

157 :Kijo Diary 2016/08/24 (Water) 14:43:29 0.net

If you graduated from a graduate school, your income would be good, but what have you done so far?

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