Zoé Laboy is his newest measure


The reluctant senator Zoé Laboy will be based today – on its last day in that elective – a series of measures to address the issue of government sexual harassment and to reform the "safe kits" management protocols.

In his passage through the Senate, Laboy promoted research into both subjects. Regarding "safe kits", the new Interior Minister said he would leave the matter in the hands of his friend, Senator Novoprogressive Henry Neumann. However, he said he did not know who would delegate the issue of sexual harassment.

"We learned so much during the hearings and I am going to submit three projects: one changes the law on sexual harassment, another changes the law on sexual harassment in educational institutions and the other changes the organic law of the University of Puerto Rico," He pointed to the new day.

As chair of the special committee for investigating the harassment and sexual harassment protocols in employment, Laboy held public hearings in 10 of 11 districts of the University of Puerto Rico. Only Ponce was missing where he could not hold a hearing before leaving the legislature.

Laboy did not comment on details of the project that will change the protocols for handling the "safe kits". As a senator, she urged the Fiscal Oversight Board to allow the payment of $ 3 million to analyze an accumulation of 2,000 of these cases. The Forensic Sciences Bureau has already concluded negotiations with two laboratories, but the contract has not yet been signed.

Weapons Act

Laboy opens Monday as the new secretary of the Wanda Vázquez government. Under her roles, she could advise the first supervisor on pending legislation and one of those projects is Senate Project 1050, which creates the new Weapons Act. Laboy voted in favor after an amendment was introduced to establish an accelerated licensing process in favor of women who received protection orders.

Laboy said there was no & # 39; perfect project & # 39; and asked for room when he asked if he would recommend Vázquez to sign the measure.

“If you ask for a driver's license today, you take your friends, friends, to speak well of you. That does not increase reliability, "he said, referring to a process that has been eliminated in the project.

However, the measure limits the ability of the police to conduct field investigations of permit applicants and would only be implemented if there are discrepancies with the documents provided.

“Sounds like something to look at and evaluate. I would need time to go through that project, which is complex, & he said.

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