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Protests against the clerical rulers of Iran entered their third day on Monday, amid widespread anger against the government for shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane and then cheating the public about it.

The rage also reflected broader complaints about an economy that has suffered the sanctions President Trump imposed after he withdrew the United States from a multilateral agreement designed to control Iran’s nuclear program. Iran’s hardline leaders know that a war with the United States could profoundly worsen unemployment and economic anxiety, and perhaps threaten its political legitimacy.

But experts said some of those intransigents can see the war with the United States as a means to boost Iran’s so-called resistance economy and stoke the nationalist anger that has helped keep them in power.

Related: For President Trump, who as a presidential candidate criticized the United States wars in the Middle East, the specter of the conflict with Iran threatens to alienate voters who see the Republican Party as indifferent to the human cost of war.

Europe’s new trade commissioner, Phil Hogan, arrived in Washington on Monday for a four-day visit amid tense transatlantic relations.

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