You are not laughing now! Russia says NATO is getting nervous in Moscow's military power World News


The official spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, claimed that the US-led alliance was becoming increasingly nervous about President Vladimir Putin's arsenal and his warning that the new weapons could be used against command centers where decisions are taken to missiles against Russia. Zakharova said that the sarcastic language used by NATO when describing Russian new weapons was no longer evident in the past.

She said: "A year ago, Western partners said that Russian cartoons & # 39; on new types of weapons should not be feared, that the Kremlin bluffed.

"And now everyone suddenly realized what matters and even began to understand what the camera is attached to?

"They really thought that after the NATO enlargement, after the withdrawal of the US from the missile treaty, after the building of the US military contingent in Europe and the endless interference of the collective West in internal affairs of sovereign states, selfies with would close them? "

Zakharova stressed that the measures of Russia "should be judged exclusively in response to aggressive actions by others".

But her comments come at a time of increasing tension between the US, NATO and Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin later insisted that Moscow wanted to befriend Washington and only retaliated.

But he went on to reveal a new set of high-tech weapons that experts believe could destroy American targets within five minutes.

In his State of the Nation Address to the Federal Assembly yesterday, he said: "Russia is looking for full, equal and friendly relations with the US.

"Russia does not threaten anyone and all the measures we take in the field of security are strictly reticent, which means that they are defensive.

"The policy towards Russia that the US has been pursuing in recent years can hardly be described as friendly.

"The legitimate interests of Russia are being ignored, several anti-Russian campaigns are taking place regularly, more and more sanctions are being introduced, for which we give no reason and which are illegal from the point of view of international law, the legal basis of the global security system. that the last few decades has been achieved is destroyed unilaterally.

"That said, Russia is identified as almost the biggest threat to the US, and I will honestly say that is not true."