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Yemen: Uno wants access to grain silos

UN emergency coordinator Mark Lowcock urges rapid access to food aid for millions of starving people in the crisis state of Yemen. There are enough grains in silos in the port city of Hudaida to feed 3.7 million people a month, Lowcock said Thursday. Houthi rebels denied access to the United Nations since September.

Government troops and Shiite Houthi rebels supported by Iran have been fighting in Yemen for years. In 2015, a military alliance led by Iran's archrival Saudi Arabia intervened on the government's side in the civil war. According to UN data, the worst humanitarian crisis in the world is in Yemen. Millions of people are starving, 250,000 people are threatened with famine.

Estimated front line in Yemen


Estimated front line in Yemen

Two of the grain silos were hit by mortar grenades in January according to Uno data. The destroyed crop could have fed hundreds of thousands of people for a month, Lowcock said. The remaining grain threatens to spoil. The silos are located in the government-controlled area. Houthi rebels have forbidden the United Nations to invade this area.

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