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What Merkel should have done wrong

No, taking risks was never one of the salient features of it Angela MerkelShe hesitated, her critics complained for years. Waiting for the pain threshold. A policy without strength and courage.

Until 31 August 2015. "We can do it!" The chancellor said with a view to hundreds of thousands of refugees crossing in late summer Hungary on the way to Germany made.

Sat for the first time Merkel all on one card. Her "We Can Do It" is the core slogan of the new "hospitable culture"Since then, criticism has ignited him.

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This Sunday, the CDU first with the refugee policy their old party leaders apart – without Merkel self: successor Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has started a so-called workshop discussion.

But what will happen Merkel actually accused by their critics?

The "opening of the border"

The decision Merkel from 2015, not to close the borders, if out Hungary Syrian and Iraqi refugees Germany poured in, immediately prompted numerous critics about the plan. It led to an irreconcilable dispute with the former CSU chief Horst Seehofer and resistance to the highest safety circuits.

Meanwhile it is undisputed that the Federal Police had already made arrangements for the closure of the border between Bavarian and Austria. Merkel it did not decide. Too much was their fear of photos of German police officers aiming at weapons in the attack on women and children. As a result, many refugees without a passport flew uncontrollably GermanyMany of them later turned out not to be Syrians or Iraqis. Some conservative statesmen threw Merkel before, by preventing border controls give up a part of German sovereignty. Others disagree that they acted in accordance with EU rules.

The "loss of control"

Within a few weeks, hundreds of thousands of asylum applications were piling up in the offices of the Federal office for migration and refugees (Bamf). Without reconciliation between the states, many refugees were registered several times. Those who stayed where often avoided the knowledge of the authorities. The later Berlin assassin Anis Amri is displayed under at least seven different aliases. "It is not just angels who come," warned Lorenz Caffier (CDU), Minister for the Interior Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and good counselor of the Federal Chancellor. Deportations of asylum seekers who have suffered delays are still often going on for years.

The "pull effect"

The selfie, that Angela Merkel on September 10, 2015 in Berlin in an initial reception center for asylum seekers Workers & # 39; Welfare (AWO) with the Iraqi refugee Shaker Kedida had achieved iconographic fame. Critics denounce the chancellor because he sent the signal into the world with this image Germany is open to everyone. She literally attracted refugees & # 39 ;. There was a "pull effect" – like a magnet.

The "EU-Turkey deal"

Behind the facade of the alleged hospitable culture inscription Merkel a political turnaround at a very early stage. At the instigation of her then Minister of Chancellery Peter Altmaier (CDU) was in the autumn of 2015 off the ground, the so-called agreement between the EU and Turkey. Brussels secured Ankara Billions in payments, even for care in the Turkey stranded refugees.

In return, the closed Turkey their external borders and by force prevented refugees from boarding the boats of smugglers on the coast of the country. After the deal, considerably fewer refugees arrived on the Balkan route GermanyBut now it was necessary Merkel Suddenly criticism came from a completely different direction: She pacts with Recep Tayyip Erdoganwho is in the Turkey violate human rights.

The "upper limit"

There was hardly a controversial topic that made the headlines like the argument between Merkel and Seehofer an upper limit for refugees. At the CSU party congress Munich left on November 20, 2015 Seehofer Merkel 13 like a schoolgirl standing next to her and reading the Levites for her. Then the tablecloth between the two was cut, poisoned the relationship of the sister parties. Seehofer Claim of an upper limit was rejected Merkel categorically.

Only after the federal elections They have found a compromise to form a coalition: every year 200,000 people should come if asylum seekers and refugees, labor migration or EU-free movement is not covered – which can also be exceeded in humanitarian crises. In addition, new asylum seekers will remain in "anchor centers" until their decision is made.

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By Jörg Kopke / RND


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