Weather: Europe is now struggling with the effects of the heat wave


Western Europe is preparing for new heat records

Due to the second heat wave within two months, different countries have issued heat warnings. According to meteorologists, temperatures will peak on Thursday in many countries.

in France a heat warning was also issued for much of the country. In different cities, especially in the southwest, new heat records were set on Tuesday. But the worst is on the verge of Thursday: the French weather service has predicted temperatures between 37 and 42 degrees – also in Paris, the previous record from 1947 should fall. In 73 of the 96 departments, the authorities have limited the use of water due to the drought.

Britain was able to experience the hottest day of its history on Thursday. "We are likely to surpass the 36.7 degree heat figure for July, and there is even the possibility of breaking the record of 38.5 degrees," the British weather service said. The British railway company Network Rail slowed down the speed of their trains due to the high temperatures. "Extreme heat can cause overhead wires to sag and get damaged by fast trains," the company said on Twitter.

Also in Belgium the authorities issued a heat warning until Friday evening. Several authorities from the city of Brussels preferred closing time for their field staff at 1 p.m. (CEST).

in Luxembourg and Italy Authorities also warned the population about exposure to extreme heat. For the Italian cities of Bolzano, Brescia, Florence, Perugia and Turin, level three heat was applied on Wednesday. Other cities are expected to follow on Thursday, including Rome.

In the The Netherlands On Wednesday, the highest temperature ever measured – 38.6 degrees in 1944 – could be exceeded, according to the national weather service KNMI. Several kindergartens were closed due to the heat. In addition, many Dutch farmers left their cows outside at night.

In the US After the heat wave of the weekend in the Potomac River in the capital Washington, a new temperature record was measured. The water had a bath water temperature of 34 degrees, as the American agency Geological Survey announced.

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