"We didn't ask you to plunder our country, you son of p …" clash between rapper Lacrim and Dupont-Aignan


SOS Racism accuses Dupont-Aignan of spreading hatred.

"To dig ditches between individuals is a logic of weakness." Bitter Response from SOS Racism. In a statement, the association meets Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. Invited Friday, July 19 on France 2, the President of Debout France (DLF) advised the minority of "young people" who prefer Algeria and "disrespect France" to "return to Algeria", a few hours from the final of the African Cup of Nations against Senegal. (…)

"France is a country of welcome and we will ensure that it stays"

Words that have made SOS Racism indignant that the MP immediately calls, just a few hours after its passage on France 2: "For information, Mr. Dupont-Aignan, a very large proportion of the supporters of the Algerian team are French, not Dissatisfied right-wing extremist who only sees one color! The association says they don't see how supporting the team from another country would be a problem. "As a reminder, several players from the Algerian team have dual nationality and are therefore French. Their success is also the result of mixed and multiple France, "says SOS Racisme.

Finally, the association points to the "narrow-mindedness" of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and "the hatred he expresses through his comments … France is a country of welcome and we will ensure that it remains."