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Video – A Boeing 737 MAX driver answers our questions – Aerospace industry

The preliminary report about the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX where 157 people were killed on March 10 was expected. He confirmed that the pilots respected all manufacturer's procedures several times before the crash to try to regain control of the aircraft without reaching it. This was confirmed by the Ethiopian Transport Minister during a press conference.

After that of Lion Air, which killed 189 in October 2018, the anti-stall system (MCAS) of the Boeing 737 MAX from Ethiopian Airlines is once again pointed out. An attack sensor malfunction automatically activated this system without the pilots being able to deactivate it, putting the aircraft in "stitched" mode to prevent any blockage. The MCAS has been specially designed for the Boeing 737 MAX with new, larger and heavier LEAP engines. In this context, Boeing needs to correct more than ever software adjustments requested by the US authorities (FAA). The first change proposals were discussed last week. According to the preliminary report, the ground impact of the aircraft of Ethiopian Airlines was such that the aircraft engines were found more than 10 meters deep.

In the meantime, the 737 MAX drivers follow the case closely and wonder. Julien is one of them. We interviewed him (video). At his request, we will not disclose his name or the airline for which he works. For him, the changes were made by Boeing respond to the problem, but there are still questions about the incidence probes in particular. For Julien, the fact that this probe provides incorrect information in a newly delivered area raises the question. A question that Boeing will have to answer. However, Julien has no specific fear of resuming the orders of a 737 MAX, whose fleet that is, one day pinned down for almost a month. Once the problem is finally resolved, he believes the plane will be very safe "And to add that if there was originally a design problem, the 737 MAX still" a good plane, very pleasant to fly "Pending the green light from the US authorities (FAA) for a commercial recovery of the MAX, Julien continues to exercise his profession. He flies to Boeing 737NG.



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