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Victim of bullying at school, he is rewarded for his courage

/ Society / News company / At the age of 11, this little boy who was the victim of intimidation received a medal because of his family name

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by Anais Monk

February 6, 2019

At the age of 11, Joshua is incredibly mature. The boy is indeed harassed by his classmates because of his last name … And for good reason, the latter shares the same name as the president of the United States, Donald Trump, who for him is worth the number of bullying at school. Become a symbol of the fight against bullying schoolboy has just been awarded a medal.

Joshua Trump, a young American, lived an everyday life until his life was turned upside down by politics. If at that age few children are interested in this issue, it did not really have a choice when Donald Trump, then a candidate for the White House, started his presidential campaign. Quickly, the images of the current president of the United States who imitates a disabled person, a joke about the attacks in Paris and claim sexist remarks around the world. The life of Joshua Albert Trump becomes a real nightmare.

At school, the little boy becomes the laughing stock of other students, "I have had a lot of trouble", Joshua remembers in the Inside Edition show."They said to me: do you come from the Trump family? And I answered them: Do you think I would be here if I came from his family?Faced with such an outburst of hatred, the parents of the schoolboy decide to get him out of school in 2017 and give him home schooling. Before returning to college, Joshua joins a new school in Delaware, but the spot is resumed from the start day, during the class. "He said he hated himself and hated his last name", her mother, Megan Trump, testified at a local ABC division.He feels constantly sad and does not want to live with that impression anymore. It is frightening for a mothershe was sorry.

"It came to a point that he and the school had decided that he would change his name", to take that of his father, Berto, told AFP Claudio Cerullo, founder of the website TeachAntiBullying.org (" Learn to fight against intimidation ") that encouraged the schoolboy"not to do it"And congratulated him with his courage by giving him a medal." After this prize Joshua was contacted by Melania Trump, mainly involved in fighting bullying.

Invited by the First Lady at the presidential address in the state of the Union this Tuesday night, the schoolboy was erected in symbol … What did not seem to fill the main interested of happiness, because many photo's of the event the fall asleep.

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by Anais Monk


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