Home world Venezuela: France recognizes Guaido as "President in charge"

Venezuela: France recognizes Guaido as "President in charge"

France has Monday Venezuelan Venezuelan opponent Juan Guaido recognized as "President the boss" (sic.), after the expiry of the ultimatum to Nicolas Maduro who refused to hold a new presidential election. The announcement was made by Emmanuel Macron himself on Twitter after a speech by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez was broadcast on television, in which Juan Guaido was recognized by the latter. The United Kingdom and Germany have done the same.

France is indeed of the opinion that Juan Guaido "Has the legitimacy to hold elections", including the presidential elections, according to statements by Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian about France on Monday morning. Several European countries, including Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom, had given Maduro the time to hold a new presidential election until Sunday, otherwise they would recognize his rival as interim president. It is now finished.

Confronted with "The refusal of President Maduro to hold presidential elections (sic.) This would clarify the situation in Venezuela," serenity ". […] we believe that Mr Guaido has the capacity, the legitimacy to organize these elections "he added. Asked about the possibility of official recognition by the divided EU of the self-appointed president, he left the door open. "We will contact our European colleagues to reformulate this request and to ensure that a contact group that we propose to create to accompany the transition can be implemented, with the European countries that want to participate»he said.

"No interference"

The French Foreign Minister has rejected the allegations of interference, including Russia, which supports President Nicolas Maduro. "It is not an interference, from the moment that there is a crisis in a country, there is a call from President Guaido to support him in the restoration of democracy", he said. Juan Guaido, who declared himself Venezuela's president on January 23, has already been recognized by the United States, Canada, Australia and many Latin American countries.

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The day before, Venezuelan head of state Nicolas Maduro had rejected the ultimatum of several European countries for the organization of a new presidential election, while these members of the EU had promised in this case to recognize the opponent Juan Guaido as president on Monday. In an interview with the Spanish TV channel La Sexta, Nicolas Maduro said he would not show it "Cowardice in the presence of pressure" of those who claim his departure. "Why does the European Union have to tell a country in the world that has already held elections that it must repeat its presidential election because it was not the right-wing allies who won it?" asked Nicolas Maduro, who spoke from Caracas.

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A few hours after the end of this ultimatum, Ottawa is organizing a crisis meeting Monday morning with the foreign ministers of the Lima group, bringing together Canada and a dozen Latin American countries. of the "Participants from the entire international community" must also participate in the discussions, according to the Canadian Foreign Ministry. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will participate via videoconference, according to the Foreign Office. And the European Union can also participate.



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