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"Useful Idiots" quote: Orban apologizes to EPP

It took a while, but now the Prime Minister of Hungary, Orban, apologized to members of the EPP who he called "useful idiots". In recent weeks, the channel to the EU had become deeper and deeper.

Less than two weeks after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called the members of the European People's Party (EPP) "useful idiots" on the left, the prime minister's apology followed. The dpa news agency quoted from a letter from Orbans:

"I hereby apologize if you feel personally attacked by my quote."

Controversy about anti-EU posters

For weeks, the dispute between the EPP and Hungary's Prime Ministers has become increasingly acute. Critics accuse Orban of undermining the rule of law and weakening freedom of expression and media in their own country.

Fuel for the accusations, including a poster campaign that clarified the rejection of the EU orbano. In the photos, the European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker and the liberal American billionaire of Hungarian origin, George Soros, were unfavorably presented. Orban, in turn, responded to the protest from Brussels with the words and words of the "useful idiots" to which some members of the EPP were lobbying for the politics of the left.

Orban then announced more posters, including Frans Timmermans, the leading candidate of the Social Democrats for the EU elections.

EPP parties demand exclusion from Fidesz

Now Orban is rowing back. As the pressure on him and his Fidesz party from the EPP grows – so far 13 EPP parties have called for Fidesz to be suspended or even the exclusion from the ranks of the EPP. Next week the EPP will discuss again how to deal with Orban and his party.

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