Home world Ugandan pop star politician holds 1st concert since the prison

Ugandan pop star politician holds 1st concert since the prison

KAMPALA, Uganda – Ugandan pop star and opposition politician Bobi Wine performs his first concert since he is accused of betrayal because of his alleged role in a stone attack on the president's convoy.

Thousands of Ugandans are present at the event on the lake, Saturday.

Curtain-raisers offered public caretakers who were charged with anti-government messages before Wine put on his red beret and appeared on stage.

Wine, whose real name is Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, performed on a private beach outside the capital, Kampala, after being denied permission to hold the event in the national stadium.

He has been relatively quiet since returning from the United States, where he sought specialist care for injuries sustained during alleged torture by state agents in August.

The singer challenges former president Yoweri Museveni by speaking directly to the disenchanted youth of Uganda.

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