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Trump gets excited about unsatisfactory dishwasher at the Milwaukee rally

As for the president himself, he delivered his last meeting speech to fans in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, last night, advocating the looting of Syria’s oil fields (a war crime), suggesting that 36th President Lyndon Johnson is in hell and delirious about the problem of inadequate water. Pressure in a dishwasher, American sinks and showers on another eccentric night on the podium.

Trump spent much of his speech at the Panther Arena defending his decision to order the attack that killed Iranian chief general Qassem Soleimani at Baghdad International Airport on January 3, calling the deceased “world number 1 terrorist.” The line came in response to intense criticism from Democrats who said the president should have consulted Congress before approving the drone attack and raised questions about whether Soleimani was really planning an “imminent attack” against US embassies. United, like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. has claimed.

“The Democrats are outraged that we killed this terrorist monster, even though this monster was behind hundreds and hundreds of deaths,” Trump told the crowd in downtown Milwaukee. He added that Soleimani was “the king of the road bomb. Large percentages of people do not have legs and arms at this time due to this son of a bitch.”

The president also said that the Democrats “are doing everything possible to belittle what we did with the blow to this monster” and that the other party “should be outraged by the evil crimes of Soleimani, not the decision to end his miserable lifetime”.

He also directly confronted the top 2020 Democratic candidates, saying of Bernie Sanders: “Bernie and the radical left cannot protect their family, nor can they protect our country.”

However, the president also defended Sanders in the contest he said, he said, he spit between Sanders and Warren, who said Sanders told him during a private meeting in 2018 that he didn’t believe a woman could win the White House, a charge the Vermont senator has vehemently denied it. “I don’t think Bernie said that. Not really … It’s not the kind of thing he would say,” said Trump, who usually insults Warren with the insult “Pocahontas” and did it again on Tuesday. meeting.

Trump also criticized Biden’s tendency to mix locations, including Iran’s recent confusion with Iraq. “When you do that, you really can’t recover,” he said.

Recovering Wisconsin is a key part of the Democrats 2020 strategy, and one of the reasons why the party chose Milwaukee to organize its national convention in July. Trump won the state by less than 23,000 votes in 2016 and is expected to make frequent visits in the coming months while working to maintain his advantage. The state primary is April 7.

Vice President Mike Pence warms the crowd of the demonstration last night by also criticizing Democratic candidates as too far away for the state. “You know, I heard they have another debate tonight. If it looks like the others, those people are going to be so far to the left that I think that scenario is going to turn over,” Pence joked.

But the strangest line of the night came when Trump threw himself into an extensive riff about his efforts to reverse energy and water saving regulations, bombardment of energy-saving light bulbs and dishwashers, showers and low-flow baths, which He promised to replace.

“Your dishes are going to be beautiful,” he promised.

Highlighting city policy, the demonstration was interrupted several times by protesters, who also demonstrated outside the arena. None of which stopped Trump from his main obsession: shattering the Democrats for accusation and accusing the opposition of wasting US time with “insane hoaxes” and “witch hunts” while “we are creating jobs and killing terrorists.” .

Here is Andy Gregory in one of his strangest rants so far.


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