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Trump & # 39; may not even be a free person. in 2020 Elizabeth Warren says

"By the time we reach 2020, Donald Trump may not even be president," Warren said to voters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, meeting at the Veterans Memorial Building. "In fact, he may not even be a free person."

The moment marked a remarkable shift in tone for Warren, who was reluctant to take Trump directly by name since announcing her exploratory campaign on New Year's Eve.

Warren issued these comments to reporters at an Iowa City event, noting the ongoing investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 election by special councilor Robert Mueller.

"Well, how many studies are there now? It is no longer just the Mueller research," Warren said. "They are everywhere and these are serious investigations, so we will see what happens."

When asked if she believes Trump should be dismissed, the senator said it was important to first look at Mueller's findings.

Warren, who repeatedly said on weekends that intolerance has no place in the Oval Office, also told reporters that she already called Trump to & # 39; often & # 39; to be racist.

"I do not think there is much doubt about that," she said.

Earlier in the day, the American Democrat in Cedar Rapids complained that the country is in a "dangerous moment" and that "what happens in 2020 will determine the direction of our nation, the direction of our people."

"Every day there is a racist tweet, a hateful tweet, something very dark and ugly," Warren said about Trump. "And what are we going to do about it, as candidates, as activists, the press, will we let him use it to divide us?"

The answer to that question, Warren went on to say, was to avoid the fall of any of Trump's actions.

"Here's how I see it: Donald Trump is not the only problem we have." Yes, Donald Trump is the symptom of a badly broken system, "Warren said." So our job as we begin the next election is not just to respond daily. It is to talk about what we understand is broken in this country, talk about what needs to happen to change it and talk about how we are going to do that, because that's not just how we win, it's also how we make change that we have to make. "

A Warren campaign official told CNN that the presidential candidate is not going to participate in any tweet or Trump attack as the 2020 season picks up. Just as she has done over the past month, Warren will continue to ignore much of his "daily efforts to divide and distract", the official said and noted that Warren wanted her first event of the day. use her reasoning for this strategy.

Warren officially launched her campaign in Massachusetts on Saturday, challenging the super-rich and calling Trump "the latest and most extreme symptom of what went wrong in America."

Warren's weekend kick-off saw her formally join a growing field of candidates for the presidential election of the Democratic Party as the group competes for the possibility to despise Trump

Eli Watkins of CNN has contributed to this report.


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