Tropical Storm Doric forms; Still looking at the FL system


From Saturday evening
The system in the deep Atlantic Ocean was formed into tropical storm Dorian. The tropical storm is expected to maintain its course to the west in the coming days and to approach the Windward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean early next week. Dorian has no influence on the United States for the next five days, but is worth monitoring, especially when it enters the Caribbean Sea.

The tropical disturbance above Florida continues to show all signs of further intensification, however from 2 p.m. update, it still has no name. The hurricane center still gives it a 70% chance to earn a name for the next two days as it moves across warmer water.

Regardless of name status, the system has minimal (if present) impact in most of East Carolina. The midst of the storm is expected to remain 100 to 200 miles off the coast of Hatteras, eliminating any domestic effects. Coastal communities will see windy winds and more surfing with a few scattered storms also possible. Every impact we see starts on Sunday and should decrease as the system against Bermuda disappears on Tuesday.

The next 2 names of tropical storms are Dorian and Erin.

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