Tourists discover 50 dead friends in Iceland


Updated July 20, 2019, 11:19 am

Tourists have discovered around 50 dead friends in Iceland. Why the animals died on the beach is currently unclear.

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Approximately 50 dead friends were found on a beach in Iceland. As the Icelandic RÚV radio station indicated, the mammals were discovered Thursday by US tourists on the Snæfellsnes peninsula north of Reykjavik. An American tourist caught the find on remote Löngufjörur beach on video with dozens of lifeless whale bodies in the sand. The tourists had been on a helicopter flight when they made their discovery. They called in the police.

The reason for the whale dying is still unclear

Test whales belong to the family of dolphins. Why they came to the beach in masses and how long they were there was initially unclear. Marine biologist Edda Elísabet Magnúsdóttir told the station that there could be a number of reasons for this.

Test whales are pack animals with strong social ties, which is why they have not left their comrades so easily. Moreover, there are strong currents in the area, the shallow seabed makes it harder for whales to swim back in the open sea.

Róbert Arnar Stefánsson of the Natural History Institute of West Iceland told RÚV that in recent years it is more common that whales have been stranded in the region. A reason for the almost annual phenomenon is not yet known. In general, this type of event happens regularly during this season, according to broadcasters, but the number of whales is unusual. (Dpa / thp)

A windfall is the images of an albino humpback whale, who has taken a hobby filmmaker with his drone. The cub, which swims alongside its mother, is an extreme rarity.

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