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Constantine Fraser, European analyst at research firm TS Lombard, said that Greece is likely to avoid a rapid election in the coming months, given that some of Anel's lawmakers will continue to support the government.

"The creditors of Greece and the EU will not only look closely at the vote of confidence, but also at the figures in parliament about the other issues of the government," Fraser said.

"But a quick election can be positive for the markets: it would be better than a government without teeth and the business-friendly opposition to power," he noted.

A poll on December 18th, by the Polse company Pulse RC, showed that if the general elections were to take place now, the conservative New Democracy party would win by 38 percent of the votes. Tsipras & # 39; left-turning Syriza would be second with 26 percent.

"If Tsipras does indeed survive the vote of confidence on Wednesday, I expect that he will first try to implement the policy on these benefits and tax changes before he calls for new elections, and if he then does not implement those measures, he can blame the opposition. , try the opposition could use it against Syriza in the campaign, "Wijffelaars also said via e-mail.

Greece left its third rescue plan last August, after almost 10 years of external financial aid. Life after the bailout program will be a hot topic prior to the election because most voters would not have felt a huge positive change in their wallets.

Paul Donovan, chief economist at UBS Global Wealth Management, said Monday in an e-mail: "A Greek election is of limited importance to international investors, Greece is more firmly established as a member of the euro and has a primary budget surplus. choose to look at the level of support for unconventional or extreme political groups and extrapolate this to European trends. "


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