Home world They get a 10-centimeter worm from a man's brain

They get a 10-centimeter worm from a man's brain

CHINA.- They extract a 10 centimeter worm from the brain of a half-baked food lover. The victim received a number of epileptic seizures before they discovered that parasite in his body.

The doctors of a hospital of the University of Nanchang (Jiangxi, China) have withdrawn alive a worm about 10 centimeters that was in the brains of a 26-year-old man, according to Vanguardia MX.

The patient suffered a series of epileptic seizures in recent months and when he went to check, some blood tests showed that he had a basket of Spirometra mansoni & # 39; in his body, the newspaper reported. South China Morning Post.

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On September 10, the man underwent surgery to have the parasite removed, which even once outside his guest could swim, according to Wang Chunliang, one of the doctors who controlled his treatment.

Guo Hui, director of a neurosurgery and neurology center of Shanghai, the intake of contaminated water and the consumption of raw or undercooked meat or seafood as possible causes of this invasion.

In fact, the victim herself pointed out that she often ate grilled food, a habit that would have caused her health problem.

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