The United States is looking for pilots to test new Boeing 737 Max software


Dallas – Civil Aviation Authorities of the United States recruit pilots from different parts of the world to prove the changes Boeing to the flight control software of the 737 Max jets, according to two people who were aware of the measure.

the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has requested that some pilots have relatively little experience with the Boeing 737, according to sources that have requested anonymity because the test plan has not been announced.

The tests are performed in flight simulators, not in Max jets, the operation of which is still suspended, and is designed to determine the way pilots handle the software. The exact timing and details of the tests are unknown, but they will be done before the FAA renews the certification of the aircraft, according to one of the people.

Boeing refused to make statements.

Boeing decided to adjust Max's flight control software after the wrong sensor values ​​caused the automatic systems to crash the nose of the aircraft that crashed in Indonesia and Ethiopia, with a total of 346 deaths.

The changes in the software will make the automatic tilt of the nose less strong and that pilots can control it more easily. Flight control software, called MCAS, also depends on two sensors instead of one. Boeing is also working on solving a separate problem that FAA test pilots discovered in June and could lower the aircraft.

Nearly 400 Max jets used by various airlines in the world have remained unchanged since March, shortly after the second crash of one of the aircraft. Boeing hopes to submit all changes to the FAA in September and get approval for those planes to resume flights in November.

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